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How To Lock Apps On Your Mac

How To Lock Apps On Your Mac.

When it comes to protecting sensitive files on Mac, there is an easy way to add password protection to your files. This feature works great for locking files and folders on your Mac. However, there are a few things it doesn’t support and it blocks your apps.

If you want to block certain applications from running on your Mac, you cannot use the standard blocking method. Plus, there is no other option on Mac to keep your apps safe from unauthorized users.

This is where two third-party blocking apps come to the rescue. These apps allow you to restrict the use of the apps you choose on your Mac. They allow you to add password protection to your apps so that your apps can only start when you enter the correct password. Both of these apps are paid, but you can use their trial versions if you don’t want to explore all the features available in them.

There are many times when you might want to block apps on Mac. You might want to lock your finance apps when you send your Mac in for repair. Or maybe you want to block your FTP applications to prevent other users from messing up your site files.

Use App Encryption to Lock Apps on the Mac

AppCrypt ($ 29.99) is a premium Mac app that lets you block both apps and websites on your computer.

The great thing about the app is that it records all the failed attempts to open your protected apps. It even takes a picture on your Mac when you fail to unlock the app.

How to run AppCrypt-Locked on Mac

If you want to open a password protected application, you can do it as follows.

How to open an app in AppCrypt on Mac

If you no longer want to password protect your app, you can unlock it in AppCrypt.

Your app will be immediately removed from the list and unlocked on your Mac.

Lock apps on the Mac using AppLocker

AppLocker (free with in-app purchases) is available from the official Mac App Store and lets you add password protection to apps installed on your Mac. Besides passwords, it supports Touch ID and Bluetooth ID, and it also allows you to unlock locked apps on your computer.

The application you choose will be locked on your Mac.

How to run the AppLocker-Locked app
  • Find and run the app as you normally would.
  • You will be asked to enter your password. Type the password and press Enter .

The locked application will start if you entered the correct password for it.

How to open an app in AppLocker on Mac

Unblocking an app with AppLocker is much easier than blocking it.

It will quickly uninstall your app and unblock it for you on Mac.

How To Lock Apps On Your Mac

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