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How to Hide Your “Last Seen” Status on WhatsApp

How to Hide Your “Last Seen” Status on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is fairly simple, but some parts of how it works can be confusing (especially if you’re new to the platform), including how Last Seen status works.

Since WhatsApp became part of Meta, it has added more features similar to what you may have seen in Facebook Messenger. In this article, we will look at the Last Seen status that WhatsApp shows to your contacts, as well as to other users of the platform, and how to hide this information from strangers.

What Last Seen Status Means

Whatsapp status “Last seen” means when the user was last active on the app. This includes the last time the user replied to someone, as well as the last time they opened the app on their device. When you open a chat with another user on WhatsApp, you can find their “Last Seen” status next to their profile picture at the top of the screen. If someone hasn’t replied to your messages for a while, you can check their Last Seen status to see if they’re intentionally avoiding your messages or if they haven’t been online for that long.

Don’t confuse the Last Seen feature with Read Receipts (blue checkmarks next to a message when the recipient is reading it) and Online Status (shows when the user is online and the WhatsApp app is open in the foreground on their device) .

While the Last Seen feature is not a new WhatsApp feature, it has received an update recently. Previously, you could hide information about your last visit from WhatsApp users who are not in your contact list, or from everyone. With the update, you can also hide your Last Seen status from certain people. Basically, it’s like blocking certain contacts from seeing your last visit information.

Note. If you don’t share your Last Seen status, you won’t be able to see other users’ Last Seen status.

How to Hide Your Last Seen Status on WhatsApp

The ability to hide your Last Seen status is available for Android and iOS users. If you don’t want certain people to know about your online presence on the app, you can control who can see your last visit information in your WhatsApp privacy settings.

Hide last seen status on Android

If you are an Android user, follow the steps below to hide your Last Seen status on WhatsApp using the mobile app.

Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.In the upper right corner of the screen, tap on the icon with three vertical dots to open the menu.

Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

From the Settings menu, select Account.

Select Privacy.

Finally, in the privacy settings, select Last seen.

Select one of the options in the Last Seen window, then select Done at the bottom of the screen to confirm. These options include: Everyone: Allow everyone to see your Last Seen status.My Contacts: Allow only people in your contact list to see your Last Seen status. My contacts. Except: Manually select contacts who can’t see your Last Seen status. Nobody. Hide your last visit information from everyone, which means you won’t be able to see anyone’s last visit status either.

If you change your mind and want to restore the visibility of your Last Seen status, you can return to the Last Seen section of your privacy settings at any time.

Hide last seen status on iPhone

The steps to hide the Last Seen status on Apple devices are similar. However, the interface of the application is slightly different. If you are an iOS user and need help navigating your WhatsApp privacy settings to hide your last seen information, follow these steps.

Open WhatsApp on your phone.Select Settings at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Then follow the path “Account” > “Privacy” > “Last seen”.

A page opens with options for who can see your Last Seen status: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. On iPhone, the ability to hide Last Seen status from certain contacts is not yet available, as it is still in testing. WhatsApp will automatically save the option you choose.

Note. You can’t access your privacy settings on WhatsApp on the web, which means you can’t change them to hide your Last Seen status from your computer.

Why You Should Hide Your Last Seen Status on WhatsApp

Hiding your Last Seen status or leaving it in the public eye is a matter of how private you want to keep your WhatsApp account. Previously, WhatsApp set the visibility of the “Last seen” status to everyone by default, which means that every user on the platform could access this information. It also allowed third party apps to take advantage of this feature and track certain users through WhatsApp.

After the latest security update, WhatsApp users who are not in your contacts list and with whom you have not exchanged any messages will not be able to see when you were last online (and whether you are online right now). Because the app is not a contact, this update prevents third-party apps from accessing information about your last visit or online status.

You can use this new update even if you are not at all concerned that other people track your presence on the WhatsApp network. On the contrary, you may want your friends or loved ones to know when you were last seen online. In this case, you can set the “Last seen” status to “My contacts except” and leave only people you trust unselected.

Make Your WhatsApp More Private

The Last Seen feature is a common feature in many other social networks and instant messengers (such as Viber or Telegram). However, on most of them, you can either leave this feature enabled or disable it entirely. The ability to hide your Last Seen status from certain users is a great addition to WhatsApp privacy features that can help you keep your WhatsApp account more private.

How to Hide Your “Last Seen” Status on WhatsApp

How to Hide Your “Last Seen” Status on WhatsApp

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