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How to Hide Hashtags from Instagram Posts & Stories

How to Hide Hashtags from Instagram Posts & Stories.

Instagram allows you to post up to 30 hashtags in a regular post and up to 10 hashtags in a story. However, just because you can use so many hashtags doesn’t mean you should. Overuse of hashtags can not only lead to clutter in your posts, but it can also feel like you’re trying too hard. Fortunately, there are ways to hide hashtags in both your stories and posts. So here’s how to hide hashtags from Instagram posts and stories.

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How do Instagram hashtags work?

Assuming your profile is public, when you use a hashtag in your post or Instagram story, the image will appear in the public aggregation of those hashtags. However, there is no guarantee that your story or post will be included in the hashtag aggregation. Acceptance depends on various factors such as engagement, quality of posts, competition, etc. However, don’t worry, adding a hashtag is still worth a try.

Part 1: Hide Hashtags from Instagram Stories

1. Change the hashtag color

This is the best way if your story has a pure solid background color or an image with no gradient. Here’s how to do it.

First open a solid background image or a picture with solid colors. Enter the hashtag you want as text. You can also click on the offer at the bottom to match it with the relevant hashtags.

The next step is to click, select all the text, and click on the color wheel at the top. To change the color, click on the color picker at the bottom left. Now just drag your cursor over the color you want the hashtag to blend with and you’re done!

2. Hide them behind another object

If your story has an image with vibrant colors, chances are the above method won’t work. So, a tricky workaround is to add hashtags, as we did in the first step, and hide them behind other elements like GIFs, locations and stickers, or even other texts. Here’s how to do it.

Add a hashtag and click on the sticker option at the top of the options. Then you can select a sticker, search the GIF, or add any other element. Now drag this to the hashtag to hide them behind the element.

3. Significantly reduce hashtags

This is the quickest way to do it, and if you have one or two hashtags, you can easily keep them to a minimum without being visible to the viewer. The only drawback is that in some photos it may look like a small mark. To keep one or more hashtags to a minimum, squeeze them and zoom in until they get very small. You can also move the hashtag to match the color of the image or video to hide it completely.

4. Hide Hashtags by moving them to the side

If none of the above three works, for example you don’t have a solid background image, you don’t want to add a sticker / GIF, and you don’t want to minimize it, the easiest way is to throw the hashtag out of the display.

When using a hashtag, try dragging it off the screen from either side. It can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it really comes in handy. If you’re having trouble, try making the font larger and then sliding it to the side.

Part 2: Hide Hashtags from Instagram Posts

Since the messages are long-term, they will always be on your profile until you delete them. Even if you want to use the perfect 15-20 hashtag in your signature, it looks very messy and the reader’s attention is immediately diverted to them instead of your signature. There are two ways to hide these hashtags in titles in the app, but you must remember that they will appear on the desktop.

1. Use the spacebar in the caption

This is especially effective when the message appears in someone’s feed or when someone is viewing your profile. Just write a title and hit enter / return. Now add some punctuation marks like period, underestimate 4-5 times or more and add hashtags at the bottom.

By doing this, you are separating the hashtags from the caption, as Instagram only shows the first few lines in the preview. Thus, you can only see the hashtags by clicking on “more”.

2. Add Hashtags in the comments

Another way to keep your post clean is to use it in comments. You can do this by writing your signature as usual but without the hashtags and posting. Once posted, click on the comment bubble icon below the post and write / copy the hashtags you want to use.

When you post a comment, you will notice that the comments will not be visible to your followers using the Instagram app. The only way to see them is to click on “view all comments” to see the hashtags. On the desktop, however, your comment will remain at the top.

Concluding remarks

So that was the simple secret recipe for using hashtags without letting them clutter up your story or post. You can use any method depending on the type of your picture. This is especially true for stories where you have multiple methods. I usually slide the hashtag to the side to hide them as it works most of the time. In terms of posts, I think adding them to the comments section is a cleaner way as it draws attention to your signature. So, there were several ways to hide hashtags from Instagram posts and stories.

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