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How to get back permanently deleted files from computer

How to get back permanently deleted files from computer.
Since you are reading this, chances are that you might have run into a situation where you accidentally deleted files permanently (with shift + delete) or emptied the trash, and then when you realized your mistake and hoped that it would bring back the permanently deleted files from computer.
How to get back permanently deleted files from computer
Well, you’re in luck. You will be glad to know that you can easily recover the deleted file even if you deleted it permanently. People think that once an archive is permanently deleted, it cannot be restored! But this is not true. Fortunately, you can get it back with a data recovery software.

How does data recovery software work?

When you delete something (using shift + del), you are not deleting the data itself; you only delete the link to this data. And since the link has been deleted, the operating system considers the data to have been deleted, and thus shows free space on hard drives.
Hence, your data is still there and there is a good chance of getting it back. Until you replace this drive with something else.

How can I recover permanently deleted files on desktop

There are many data recovery software such as Test disk , Recuva and Recuva that can do it for you.
In this article, I’ll be using Recuva to demonstrate.

  1. Download and install Recuva .
  2. Now open Recuva (you run it as administrator) and set the search location for all drives on your computer. For a quick result, provide a path name.
  3. Then narrow down your search to images, music, documents, videos, emails, etc. And click on scan.

Recuva interface

It will start scanning, select the data you want to get back and click “Recover”. And in a few seconds you will get your data back !!

If you have deleted files permanently, STOP USING THIS COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY, do not overwrite this disc. the longer you run the recovery program, the less likely it is to get it back. Securely erase corrupted data less likely.
Although this data recovery software is widely available, don’t risk it in the future. It’s always a good idea to have a backup of important data both on your computer and external storage.

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