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How To Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

Windows 10 taskbar not working is one of the common problems you may encounter while using your Windows computer. When this happens, you will find that your taskbar simply stops responding to your actions. Sometimes it can also freeze, and you won’t even be able to move the cursor there.

If you’re having an issue with the Windows 10 taskbar not working on your computer, there are several methods you can use to fix the problem. These methods fix the elements behind the function and try to get your taskbar working again.

Restart Windows Explorer to fix Windows 10 taskbar not working

Windows Explorer is one of the main utilities, which contains a number of small elements. Your taskbar is actually part of File Explorer and you can restart it, which in turn will give your taskbar a fresh start. This will most likely solve the problem for you. There are two ways to do it. You can use any of them to complete the task.

Use Task Manager to restart Windows Explorer

The Task Manager helps wipe out non-responding programs on your computer, and you can also use it to shut down and restart Windows Explorer.

Restart Windows Explorer Using Command Prompt

Another way to restart Windows Explorer is to use the command line utility on your PC.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems by re-registering the taskbar

Your taskbar may have been unregistered on your system, which is why it works this way. In this case, you can re-register the utility using PowerShell and this will restore functionality when your Windows 10 taskbar is down.

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All you basically need to do is run the command in PowerShell and you’re done.

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