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How To Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working On PC

One of the great things about WhatsApp is the ability to use the messaging service right from any browser on your computer. You can simply scan the code on your computer from your phone and you are ready to use the WhatsApp application on your computer or laptop.

Usually this feature works fine and you shouldn’t have any problems with it. However, there are times when it is buggy and just doesn’t work, no matter what you do. If you are already in a situation where WhatsApp Web is not working on your computer, you may want to consider using some of the methods below to fix the problem.

Make sure WhatsApp works on your phone

The first thing you need to check is that WhatsApp works on your mobile device. Make sure you can send and receive messages on the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

If you are having trouble sending or receiving messages, WhatsApp Web will most likely not work on your PC as it is just a shell of the actual messaging app on your phone and relies entirely on the phone app.

Here are some of the things you can do on your phone to fix WhatsApp problems:

Reactivate WhatsApp Web Session

Sometimes toggling the login and logout options will fix the WhatsApp Web function not working on PC. This can be done easily and all you need is access to your phone.

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Use the incognito mode in your browser

A typical web browser window contains all of your cache, cookies and other files. Sometimes these files can interfere with WhatsApp.

On the other hand, the incognito window does not use any of your existing cookies and site data, so it is recommended that you try WhatsApp Web on it and see if that helps.

If browser data was the cause of the problem, Incognito Mode should fix it and you will no longer have a problem with WhatsApp Web not working on your computer.

Clear the cookies in your browsers

The incognito window does its job, but as soon as you close it, you are signed out of WhatsApp Web. You need to sign in to your account every time you want to access it, which is time consuming and annoying.

Another way to solve the browser problem is to clear the cookies in your browser.

Clear cookies in Google Chrome

Clear cookies in Firefox

Now that the cookies have been removed, launch the WhatsApp website in your browser and log in to your account. Everything should work fine this time.

Let WhatsApp override your network settings

One of the reasons why WhatsApp Web is not working on your PC is because your firewall or network settings are preventing the WhatsApp site from loading.

In this case, you need to contact your network administrator and ask them to whitelist the following domains to be allowed on your network:

Once these sites are allowed, you can access them and use WhatsApp Web on your PC.

Disable the VPN service on your computer

If you have VPN enabled and running on your computer, you can try disabling it to see if it solves the problem. WhatsApp can identify your VPN IP address as an unauthorized user and can prevent you from using your account.

You can temporarily disable the VPN by launching the VPN app and selecting the disable option. You can turn it back on when you’re done using WhatsApp Web.

Use Internet Troubleshooter on your computer

If you are still having problems with WhatsApp Web on your PC, you can use the Internet troubleshooter on your PC to find out the cause of the problem.

Then, you can take the necessary steps to resolve the network or internet problem on your computer.

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