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How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV.

As one of the most popular streaming services, you can (fairly) expect Netflix to be perfect on Apple TV. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are often issues that prevent Apple users from streaming their favorite TV shows and movies using the Netflix app.

If Netflix is ??stuck on Apple TV, or you are having problems on Apple TV with Netflix not working, you will need to start the troubleshooting process. Here are a few steps you can follow to fix some of the most common problems with the Netflix app on Apple TV.

Force Netflix to close and restart

If your Netflix app won’t connect, load, or broadcast in any way, try the most obvious step first – force quit the app. It’s not enough to simply press the Menu button on your Apple TV remote, as you’ll need to force close the Netflix app before trying to open it again.

It can help update the app, clear the cache and, for minor issues, can be easily fixed. You don’t have to worry about accessing any of the settings to force an app restart on Apple TV — just double-click the Home button (next to the Menu button) to open the Apple TV app switcher.

From here, select Netflix from the app switcher menu, then swipe up using the touch bar at the top of the Apple TV remote to force close the app. Press Menu to return to the main Apple TV control panel, then try opening the Netflix app again.

If that doesn’t fix the Apple TV Netflix app not working issue, try one of the following:

Check your network connection

If you’re having trouble streaming your Apple TV Netflix, you may need to check your Apple TV’s network connection. This can reveal problems with your local network (from Apple TV to router) or wider internet connection.

If your connection is stable but streaming using the Netflix app is still not possible, you need to check your internet connection. You can do this online with services like Speedtest, which also offers its own Apple TV testing app that you can install from the App Store.

Verify that the Apple TV Time Zone is correct

While it may sound strange, settings like your time zone can affect apps like Netflix. Your time zone is one piece of the puzzle that Netflix can use to confirm that you are indeed in the right region and have access to the right content.

Use Google DNS servers

Your ISP’s DNS servers (used to translate addresses like netflix.com to server IP addresses) can prevent the Netflix app from streaming content to your Apple TV. If DNS fails, you may find that switching your DNS servers to a public alternative solves the problem.

This is a good way to try if your internet connection is working but you are stuck with the typical “Netflix is ??currently unavailable” error.

Your Apple TV should now be configured with Google’s DNS servers. If your ISP’s DNS servers are faulty, switching to Google DNS should fix the problem. Alternatively, you can use another service like OpenDNS.

Reinstall Netflix on Apple TV

Sometimes, just a clean and fresh installation can fix problems on your Apple TV when Netflix stops working. Uninstalling the Netflix app and reinstalling it is no miracle, but if Netflix freezes on Apple TV it could potentially fix the problem.

You will need to sign in to the Netflix app again once it’s successfully installed on your Apple TV.

Check for updates and restart Apple TV

Apple regularly releases updates to its devices, including the Apple TV, and developers regularly offer the same for apps like Netflix. An outdated app or device can cause problems – updating your device and restarting your Apple TV can fix them.

Get the Most Out of Your Apple TV

Once you fix the problems on Apple TV with Netflix not working, you can get the most out of your streaming device. If you’re still having trouble with Netflix, you can get started with Apple TV +, Apple’s new streaming service.

You can also consider other streaming services like Hulu or Amazon Prime to get the fix for the latest movies and TV series. What’s your favorite streaming platform? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

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