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How to Find the Name or Title of a Song by Lyrics

Have you recently heard a song on the radio and can’t remember its name? This happens to me all the time, because even if I wait, half the time nobody ever says which band played that song, or the name of the song! Luckily, you can just search the lyrics for songs on the Internet and instantly find out the song title and band name.

If you can remember a line or two from a song, perhaps a simple Google search will provide all the information you need without having to go to a song lyrics search site. A simple Google search like “it doesn’t matter” will give you the correct band, Linkin Park, and the correct song title, In the End.

As you can see, the first result is a lyrics site called azlyrics.com. Since these sites are all indexed by Google, a Google search for lyrics will give you the correct answer in most cases. Plus, you get links to YouTube videos, etc. if you searched for this too.

You can also simply add the word “text” to the end of your Google search and you are almost guaranteed to get the right answer.

However, if a Google search isn’t working due to the prevalence of lyrics, you can try some helpful lyrics sites. There are literally hundreds of them, but I’ll only mention two here as I’ve never had to use any other services besides the three I mentioned below. Also, I tried to stick with those that weren’t full of ads or just indexed by other lyric sites.


MetroLyrics.com is probably my favorite site for finding lyrics because it gives you a lot more information beyond what you were even looking for. The search function is also nice in that it will search not only lyrics for your keywords, but also artists, song titles, videos, album titles and even news.

I clicked on Lyrics to see these results, and as you can see, he found the song he was looking for, as well as many other songs. Too many results can sometimes be overwhelming, but MetroLyrics is good at showing the best matches at the top and then showing less relevant results at the bottom. Also, I really like finding them because very often I can’t remember the exact words from the song, so I end up looking for the wrong lyrics. This site shows exact matches, but it also shows close matches, so if you don’t get every word correctly, you can still find the song.

On the lyrics page, you can print the lyrics if you want, watch the music video if available, and even correct the lyrics as it was edited by a community like Wikipedia. I also love the fact that it tells you who actually wrote the song – an element that is not mentioned on most lyric sites.

Overall, this site is good if you only want to search for lyrics, but it’s really good for keeping you up to date with a ton of other information if you love music.


SongLyrics.com is not as pretty as MetroLyrics, but it still produces very good results. Search first using the search box at the top.

As with MetroLyrics, you can search by artist, album, song title, and within lyrics. You can also do an exact match search if you like. In my case, I went ahead and only checked “In Texts” and then got the Linkin Park result I was looking for:

If you click on the link, you will be taken to a page with lyrics. One nice feature is the ability to listen to a song while you have the lyrics. It doesn’t require you to register or anything, it just pops up a simple web player and starts playing the song.

I’m not entirely sure what people were doing before the internet, but now that you hear the song on the radio and if you haven’t used Shazam while driving, you can easily search to find any song, old or new. in just a few seconds. Enjoy!

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