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How to Find Draft Posts on Facebook

How to Find Draft Posts on Facebook.

Have you ever spent time creating a Facebook post, decided to wait before publishing it, and then couldn’t find the draft you thought you had saved? Finding drafts of your Facebook posts isn’t easy, but we’re here to help.

We’ll explain how Facebook drafts work, where to find them, and how to post a saved draft when you’re ready.

About Facebook Drafts

There is a difference between the drafts you save for a Facebook business page and for your personal Facebook profile.

As of this writing, you can only find all saved drafts for the Facebook page. After that, you can edit, publish or delete the draft. We will explain how to do this below.

For your personal Facebook profile, you’ll probably see an option to save the post as a draft if you don’t post it right away. However, there is no centralized storage for these drafts as there is for a Facebook page.

With all that in mind, let’s start with how to find Facebook drafts for your personal profile.

Find Facebook Drafts for Your Personal Profile

When you create a post and close it before posting, you should see an option to save a draft, as shown below.

To return to this draft, simply open Facebook again and select the What’s on Your Mind box in the News Feed, where you usually start composing a post. You will see this “draft” that you saved in the box, waiting to be published. To publish it, click Publish.

This works the same whether you’re using Facebook on the web or on the mobile app, but there are a few caveats to this rough process.

If you save a Facebook draft on one device, it won’t sync with the app on your other devices or the web. Below you can see a saved draft on the web and another one saved in the Facebook app on iPhone.

The saved draft will only remain until you create a new post. This means that if you see a draft and edit or restart it, the original draft you saved is gone forever. As mentioned earlier, there is no central place for Facebook’s personal drafts. If you want to keep a draft but publish another post in the meantime, this is currently not possible.

Find Facebook Drafts for a Page on the Web

The drafts you save for a Facebook Page you manage work very differently. You have a central location with all your drafts, however many you have. You can then post, edit, or delete your saved drafts.

Note. This does not include group pages, only Facebook business pages.

To find drafts, go to your Facebook page.

On the Facebook home screen, select Pages on the left. Select a page if you have more than one. You will then be redirected to the Meta Business Suite and should see your page in the center. Expand the Meta Business Suite section on the left and select Publishing Tools.

At the top of the next screen, select Drafts. You will then see a list of all saved drafts.

Alternatively, you can go directly to the Meta Business Suite website.

Select your page in the top left corner if you have more than one. You can see a section on your reminder page listing your currently saved draft posts. You can select a draft here to work on. If you don’t see this section, continue to the next step.

Select Posts & Stories on the left.

Select the Drafts tab at the top of the next page. You will then see a list of saved drafts.

Review and edit draft

To view and edit a draft, select it to open it. Make changes to the text box in the left column. You can preview the message all the way to the right.

When you’re done, do one of the following:

Click Save to save your changes to the draft. Use the arrow next to the Save button and select either Publish Now or Schedule Publish. Select Cancel to discard the changes.

Post, schedule, or delete a draft

If you want to quickly post, schedule, or delete a draft without viewing it, hover over a draft in the list and select the three dots. Then choose one of the options.

Create a new draft

You can also create a new post and save it as a draft from this location on the web. Select Create Post in the top right corner.

Compose your post on the left side and add a photo or video if you like. When you’re done, select Save as draft and then select Save.

Find Facebook Drafts for a Page in the Mobile App

If you prefer to manage drafts of your Facebook Page on your mobile device, you can do so in the Meta Business Suite app.

Open the app and select the Posts tab. In the upper left corner, tap the Published dropdown and select Drafts. You will then see a list of all the draft messages you have saved.

To view and edit a draft, select it. Make your changes and click Next. You can then choose to Publish Now, Schedule Later, or Save as Draft. Click Save.

To quickly post, schedule, or delete a draft, click the three dots on the right and choose an option.

To create and save a new draft, tap the plus sign at the bottom and select Publish or select New at the top. Compose your post and add any other elements you like. Select Save as draft and then click Save as draft at the top.

If you don’t have the Meta Business Suite app, you can download it for free on Android and iOS to manage your Facebook page and schedule posts to your connected Instagram account.

Will You Use Your Facebook Drafts?

While it would be nice for Facebook to save a few draft posts for personal accounts, you can at least view, edit, and share your last saved one. For Facebook Pages, you can create many drafts and post or schedule them as you see fit.

Now that you know how to find drafts on Facebook, see how to turn off comments on a post or how to pin a post on Facebook.

How to Find Draft Posts on Facebook

How to Find Draft Posts on Facebook

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