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How To Factory Reset Google Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices add an unprecedented level of convenience to our lives, but like everything else, they face challenges. While there are dozens of ways to fix various errors, the only reliable, tried and true method is to perform a factory reset.

The problem is that the factory settings are done differently on different devices. If you need to perform a factory reset on one of your Google or Nest smart home devices, it can be tricky to know exactly how to do it.

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of factory resetting your Google Home devices. Please note that all these resets are done manually on the device. You cannot perform a factory reset via the Google Home app.

How to factory reset Google Home Mini

There are currently two versions of Home Mini on the market: Google Home Mini (first generation version) and Nest Home Mini (second generation version).

To factory reset your Google Home Mini, turn the device over and look for the Google logo in the center of the back. Position the G so that it reads correctly and looking below it, just above where you plug in the power cord. There is a small button there.

Press and hold the button. After about five seconds, a beep will confirm the start of the reset process. You will need to hold the button for another ten seconds or so until you hear a sound confirming the reset.

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To restart the Nest Home Mini, first turn off your microphone. When the LEDs turn orange, press and hold the top center of the device where the LEDs are located. The factory restore will begin in about five seconds, and until it is complete, another ten seconds.

How to reset Google Home to factory settings

Factory reset is a little easier on the main Google Home Unit than on some other models. Locate the mute button on the back of the device. Press and hold for about 15 seconds. Google Assistant will let you know when the reset is complete.

How to factory reset Google Home Max

Like Google Home, Google Home Max has a simple reset function. Flip the device over and find the small reset button near the power cord. Press and hold this button for about fifteen seconds until you hear the Google Assistant inform you to start a reset.

How to Factory Reset Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub resets slightly differently than other devices due to its screen. Instead of a dedicated reset button, find the two volume buttons on the back of the device and press them together. Google Assistant will confirm when the reset starts.

Use this same process to reset Google Nest Hub Max. The only difference between the two devices is the screen size.

If your smart home assistants often lose contact or cannot be found on the network, perform a factory reset. Often, small glitches accumulate in the device code, which can be eliminated only by completely cleaning it and restoring it to the new settings.

There are other reasons for resetting smart home settings that go beyond troubleshooting. If you plan to sell your device to someone else, it shouldn’t have your data on it. This protects your data, but also makes it easier for the other person to set up.

You should also factory reset your Google Home devices to erase your data if you plan on moving it from one home to another. If you’re going to transfer your device to someone else (and get it to work under a different Google account), you need to do a factory reset to ensure it gets set up and works properly.

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