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How To Download Photos From Instagram To iPhone

How To Download Photos From Instagram To iPhone.

Instagram is one of the largest online photo repositories where you can get photos of just about anything you can imagine. If you’re a regular Instagram user, you probably know that while you can view photos uploaded by you and a billion other users to the platform, you can’t save those photos to your device.

For many users, this is a serious drawback of the application, as they cannot download their favorite photos and save them for offline access on their devices.

If you use an iPhone, there are several ways to overcome this limitation and download Instagram photos to your iPhone. These methods do not of course use the official Instagram app to save photos, and they use various workarounds to help you transfer photos to your device.

Take a screenshot to download photos from Instagram to iPhone

One of the quickest ways to save anything off your iPhone screen is to take a screenshot. This screen capture feature allows you to capture and save any screen of your iPhone in the Photos app.

Using this screen capture feature on your iPhone, you can open the photos you want to upload on Instagram and take a screenshot. This way, your device will save your screen as a photo file in the Photos app.

Keep in mind that this method does not download full resolution photos because it only captures your iPhone’s screen and does not actually download the photo to your phone.

You will notice that there are some unwanted portions of the screen in the screenshot, but you can crop them using the built-in editing feature on your device.

Use the Notes app to download Instagram Photos to iPhone

We fully understand that Notes app is for saving text notes and is not an Instagram downloader. But using a trick, you can use the app to save Instagram photos to your iPhone.

Basically, you copy the photo you want to download from Instagram and then put it into a note in the Notes app. The app will then allow you to save the photo in the Photos app.

Your chosen Instagram photo should now be available in the Photos app on your iPhone.

Download Instagram Photos to iPhone using Regrammer

Regrammer is an app made for Instagram users that allows you to post your photos, videos, stories and IGTV videos to your Instagram account. There is a trick that makes this app work like an Instagram downloader and allows you to download selected photos to iPhone.

The app is available for free on the iOS app store, but not in all countries.

It works so that when you share a photo from Regrammer to Instagram, Regrammer actually saves the photo to the Photos app first. Then even if you do not continue the repost, the photo will still remain on your device.

Use Instagram online downloader to download photos

Instagram’s restriction of not allowing users to upload photos has actually spawned a number of websites that allow those photos to be downloaded. You can use these sites on your iPhone in addition to your computers to download Instagram photos.

This is the full resolution version of your chosen Instagram photo.

How To Download Photos From Instagram To iPhone

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