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How to Download Oneplus Nord Wallpapers on Any Smartphone

How to Download Oneplus Nord Wallpapers on Any Smartphone.

OnePlus Nord is a great budget phone with a 90Hz AMOLED display, 5G connectivity, Warp Charge 30W fast charging technology, and more for under $ 500. But along with them, Nord has some cool abstract wallpapers. To be precise, OnePlus Nord has 12 new wallpapers with 4 live and 8 static wallpapers, in which 4 of the 8 static wallpapers are taken from older models.

OnePlus continues its abstract style with the Nord, but unlike its premium models, which come with vibrant rich colors, the Nord wallpapers have a more natural and dark theme. If you want to download them and use them on your phone, here’s how to do it.

Option 1. Download wallpapers directly

People from 9to5Google have uploaded OnePlus Nord static wallpapers at 1080 by 2400 pixels to this Google Drive folder so you can download them uncompressed. This wallpaper is perfect for any smartphone with an FHD + display.

You can download OnePlus Nord Live Wallpapers from this Google Drive folder. The live wallpapers are available in both 60Hz and 90Hz, so if you have a phone with a higher refresh rate, you can take advantage of this wallpaper.

2. Download using the Stock Wallpaper app

WalP is a popular app that brings together standard wallpapers from all smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Xioami and of course Oneplus. What’s more, the app is updated with every new version of the smartphone, just like the recent Oneplus Nord. This is the only caveat: the app only provides static wallpapers, so if you want to download live wallpapers check out the Google Drive option above.

To download the OnePlus Nord static wallpaper from WaIP, just install and open the app, go to the categories section, select the Models option in OnePlus and select the OnePlus Nord option to check the OnePlus Nord wallpaper. In any case, there are only 4 static wallpapers available in the OnePlus Nord variant, the rest were available in the OnePlus 8 Pro as they are just old wallpapers that were not specifically created for OnePlus Nord.

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