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How to Download and Install Peacock on Firestick

How to Download and Install Peacock on Firestick.

Unlike other streaming TV services, Peacock TV offers a free plan that allows users to stream up to 7,500 hours of select movies, TV series, sports shows, and documentaries without paying a dime. This is a good streaming app if you need a break from paying for your Netflix subscription.

Peacock TV subscription plans ($ 4.99 a month) are also significantly cheaper than the best streaming services. In this guide, we’ll show you how to boot Peacock onto your Fire TV Stick

How To Install Peacock on Firestick

There are two ways to install Peacock TV on your Fire TV device. The installation method will depend on the availability of the streaming service in your area. Peacock is currently available in the US and other US territories (eg American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands).

You can download and install the Peacock TV app directly from the Amazon App Store if you’re in a supported region. Otherwise, you will have to download the app from a third party source.

Install Peacock from the Amazon Appstore

Peacock TV didn’t support Amazon devices from the start. However, the streaming service officially appeared on the Amazon Appstore on June 24, 2021. Here’s how to download Peacock on Firestick from the Appstore.

From the Fire TV home screen, go to the Find tab and select Search.

Enter peacock in the search box and select Peacock TV or Peacock App in the search suggestions.

Alternatively, press and hold the Mic / Alexa button on your Fire TV remote and say a peacock.

Select the Peacock app icon under Apps & Games.

Then select Get (or Download) to install the app on your Fire TV Stick.

Select “Open” to launch the app and sign in with your account information, or create a new account on the streaming platform.

You will not find the Peacock TV Fire in the app store if you reside outside of the US. In this case, you have two options: change the country of your Amazon account to United States, or download the Peacock TV app.

How To Change Your Amazon Account Country

Changing your Amazon account country will only make the Peacock TV app available on your Fire TV app store. You will need to install the VPN app and provide your US network location to stream content. Otherwise, you will receive the message “Sorry, Peacock is not supported in your region yet” when watching movies in the app.

Follow the instructions below to change the country of your Amazon account. We’ll also show you how to install the VPN app on your Fire TV Stick so you can bypass Peacock’s geographic restrictions.

https: //www.amazon.com/gp/help/koustomer/display.html? nodeId = 201248840

Open your computer or mobile browser and sign in to your Amazon account. Select your profile name or Accounts & Lists next to the search bar.

Then select your devices and content.

Select Digital Content Management or Change Digital Content and Device Settings.

Go to the Settings tab and select Country / Region Settings.

Click the Change button if the Current Country / Region field is not the United States.

Enter your address and contact information in the dialog boxes and select “Update” to change the country of your account.

The Peacock TV app should appear on the Fire TV Stick app store. Restart your streaming device and check again if the app cannot be found.

As mentioned earlier, you will need a VPN to stream content to Peacock TV if you are in an unsupported region. While reliable VPN apps can cost you a few dollars in monthly fees, free VPN services will do the job.

Sideload Peacock on Fire TV Stick

To download the Peacock TV setup file, you need a third-party application (called Downloader). Downloader is one of the best Fire TV Stick apps. The app allows you to download and install Fire TV and Android TV apps outside of the Appstore.

Go to the “Find” tab and select “Search”.

Enter the bootloader using the on-screen keyboard and select Bootloader or Downloader Application from the suggestions.

Select the Downloader app icon under Apps & Games.

Select “Get” or “Download” to install the application on your device.

Before using the Downloader app, set up your Fire TV Stick to install apps that aren’t from the Appstore.

Press the Home button on your Fire TV remote and navigate to the gear icon to open the settings menu.

Select My Fire TV.

1- Select Developer Options.

Select “Apps from Unknown Sources” or “Install Unknown Apps” depending on your generation of Fire TV Stick.

You will see a pop-up message notifying you of the risks of installing apps from unknown sources. Select “Enable” to continue.

Go back to your home screen and launch the Downloader app.

If Downloader doesn’t appear on the Home screen, press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV Remote. Then select “Applications” and select “Downloader” from the list of applications.

Enter 77354 in the search bar and select Go.

The shortcode will redirect you to the Peacock TV download page on APKMirror – one of the best sites for downloading Android (TV) apps.

Scroll down to the All Versions section and click the download icon next to the latest version of the Peacock TV app.

Click the “Download APK” button to download the Peacock installer to your Fire TV Stick.

The downloader should start downloading the Peacock TV setup file from APKMirror. If the download does not start automatically, scroll to the Download Starts section and click the Click Here button.

The downloader will initiate the installation of the APK file after the download is complete. Select “Install” to continue.

2- Select “Open” to launch the Peacock TV application.

Select Sign Up to Start Watching if you don’t have a Peacock TV account, or select Sign In and enter your account details to start watching your favorite TV shows.

Free and Affordable Entertainment with Peacock

Peacock TV is the ideal streaming service for TV enthusiasts looking to cut down on subscription fees while not missing out on quality entertainment. Follow the steps above to install the Peacock TV app on your Fire TV Stick. Let us know if you have any questions. Or visit the Peacock Help Center to learn more about the streaming service.

How to Download and Install Peacock on Firestick

How to Download and Install Peacock on Firestick

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