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How to Delete Messages on Telegram 2022

How to Delete Messages on Telegram 2022.

Since Telegram offers more features than any other messaging app, messaging management on this platform can be a little tricky. A routine task such as deleting your messages from a chat becomes more difficult if you also want your messages to leave Telegram servers.

We will show you all the ways to delete messages on Telegram, whether it is a regular chat with a friend or colleague or a group chat with a large number of users.

How Telegram Stores Your Message History

If you’ve recently switched from another messaging app to Telegram for security and privacy reasons, you first need to understand how Telegram stores your chat history, as well as how you can erase it.

Telegram can have two different types of chats: regular or cloud chats and secret chats. Cloud chats are chats between you and other users, group chats, and public channels. They are stored in the cloud, which makes it easy to use Telegram on different devices, as the chat history can be easily downloaded. According to Telegram, cloud chats are encrypted with encryption keys stored in multiple data centers in different jurisdictions.

However, if you want to exclude the possibility of decryption or interception of your chats, you should choose secret chats instead of cloud chats in Telegram. Secret chats are encrypted end-to-end (only between you and the recipient) and are never uploaded to the server.

How to Delete Cloud Chat Messages on Telegram

If you don’t want your messages to be stored in the cloud, you can easily delete them from chats. You can delete messages from any private chat and from any device. You can delete both sent and received messages. It doesn’t matter how long ago you sent or received a message – there is no time limit.

To delete messages from Telegram chat, follow these steps.

Open Telegram and select chat. Find the posts you want to delete. Select and hold the message.

Select Remove.

You can delete the message only for yourself or for the recipient. Select “Delete” to confirm.

When you’re done, the message will either disappear from your device only, or from your device and the recipient’s device, as well as from the Telegram server.

If you have more than two participants in your chat, you can still delete messages that you have already sent from all devices. However, there is a time limit. This can be done only within 48 hours after sending the message. After those 48 hours have passed, you can still delete your message, but only from your device. The message will remain on the devices of other participants, as well as on the Telegram server.

The same applies to Telegram users who are using an older version of Telegram prior to version 5.5. In this case, even if it is a private chat, the 48 hour rule is in effect and you will not be able to delete the message for everyone after that.

If 48 hours have passed since the message was sent, the only way to completely erase it is to ask the recipient (or recipients) to delete your message from their devices. After that, the message will also disappear from the Telegram server.

How to Delete Messages in Secret Telegram Chats

If you want complete privacy, consider using secret Telegram chats instead of regular cloud chats. To open a secret chat with someone, select their Telegram username, then select More (three vertical dots in the upper right corner)> Start secret chat.

Inside a secret chat, the process for deleting messages is the same as described above. However, you may not need it if you configure your messages to self-destruct. Open secret chat and select More. Then select Set Self-Destruct Timer. Then you can choose how long the recipient will have before the message disappears from the chat.

With a self-destruct timer, messages will automatically disappear from your secret chat after a set time. They will also disappear from the other person’s device, as well as from the Telegram server.

How to Auto-Delete Messages From Telegram Chats

Secret chats are not the only chats where you can configure messages to self-destruct. You can set up automatic disappearance of messages after a certain period of time in any Telegram chat. To enable the automatic deletion feature, follow these steps.

Open Telegram and select chat. On Android, choose More> Clear History> Automatically Delete Messages In This Chat.

On iOS, select and hold any chat message. In the menu that appears, go to Select> Clear chat> Enable Auto-Delete.

You can choose to have your messages disappear 24 hours, 7 days, or 1 month after they were sent.

How to Delete Entire Chats in Telegram

If you want to get rid of the entire Telegram conversation, open the app and select it. Then select the trash can icon at the top of the screen. You will see a pop-up message asking if you want to delete the chat just for yourself or for you and the recipient. If you choose the latter, the chat will disappear from both your devices and the Telegram server.

Don’t Forget About Push Notifications

Being able to delete a message from someone else’s device after you’ve already sent it can save you the hassle of explaining yourself later. This feature is similar to Gmail Unsend and helps you when you send a message to someone by mistake.

However, keep in mind that while you can prevent the recipient from seeing your message, you cannot turn off push notifications on their device. When you send a message to someone, it appears in their notifications. Depending on the settings, the recipient may see the content of your message, even if you have already deleted it. Even if your message does not appear on Telegram, the user can take a screenshot of the notification and save a copy of it.

Get Rid of Your Telegram Messages for Good

The last option for those looking to delete all their messages from Telegram is to delete their account completely. If you do not want Telegram to save copies of any of your messages, make sure that you also delete all your conversations for yourself and other users.

Have you thought about deleting all your messages from Telegram? Which option do you use to delete messages from the application? Share your experience with Telegram chats in the comments section below.

How to Delete Messages on Telegram 2022

How to Delete Messages on Telegram 2022

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