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How To Cut Out An Object In An Image In Photoshop CC

The best way to quickly cut out an object in an image in Photoshop CC is to use the new Select and Mask feature. I’ll explain how you can use this effectively and cut out images as quickly as possible.

If you edit images regularly, you need to know how to effectively cut objects. I use Photoshop a lot for image editing and video thumbnails. I used to use the filter extraction feature in Photoshop, but now it’s removed in Photoshop CC.

How to use selection and mask to cut objects

How to use selection and masking to crop objects

First, open Photoshop and drag the image you want to cut. For this tutorial, I will use a royalty-free image as an example.

I will cut out this person with Select and Mask. You can use the same tool and follow the instructions below to cut out your own object.

This entire process will take less than a minute, even for complex images with many shapes, colors and limited contrast.

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On the left you will see a properties tab. You can adjust these sliders to remove the background and enhance the clipped image.

The cutout will be crisp, the image will stand out from any other background you may add, and if you followed the quick selection process correctly, there will be no missing pixels in your subject.

At this point, you have several options. You can hide the background layer and save the image as a PNG with transparency. This will allow you to add this object without a background to any photograph or image in the future.

Alternatively, you can create your own background right in the same Photoshop tab you are currently in. Just add new layers and arrange them as you like. I’ve created the image above as an example.

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