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How to Customize Your Stationery in Apple Mail

How to Customize Your Stationery in Apple Mail.

Looking to improve your outgoing email? Do you want to have custom letterheads for different categories of recipients? Maybe an email with a business header and footer for customers? Apple Mail lets you use and customize your email forms. We’ll show you how to use stationery and two ways to customize it.

Mail stationery use

The new mailing window is pretty plain. First, press the stationery button in the far right corner to open the stationery panel.

This panel displays 25-30 letterhead templates built into Apple Mail.

Browse the categories on the left and stationery in each category. For example, under Views, select the Get Well Soon template to send to a friend.

Also note that you can select any of the built-in items and drag them to Favorites, the highest category.

Therefore, it is very easy to use this built-in stationery to send distinctive messages that will be visible!

Customize your stationery

Below are quick ways to customize your stationery, first with Apple Mail itself and second with additional apps. So let’s get started.

In any compose email window, you can choose File – Save As Stationery. First, compose an email to use as a template. Adjust fonts, add your own cool title and other images. Before submitting it, select File / Save as Stationery and give it a name that you recognize on your stationery.


You can buy additional letterhead templates from the Mac App Store.

Advanced users can edit the files in the Resources folder to fully customize the existing html template. Let us know if you are interested in this method.

Now we talked about Apple Mail on Mac OS. There is no stationery built-in for iOS mail, but there are apps for both iPhone and iPad!

With this proliferation of RTF email, Apple Mail Stationery is a great way to make your emails more distinctive and memorable. Enjoy!

How to Customize Your Stationery in Apple Mail

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