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How To Create & Use Smart Folders On MacOS

How To Create & Use Smart Folders On MacOS.

MacOS has a really efficient system to help you find files and folders in your storage. You can search for specific words or other criteria to find the items you want. What makes finding things even easier is the Smart Folders feature built into the Finder.

Smart folders, as the name suggests, are a type of folder that lets you quickly find the items you want. However, Smart Folder is not really a folder. It is more of a search for certain criteria that you have saved on your computer.

Even though it is so useful, it is not widely used and you lose it by not using this feature.

Create Smart Folder on MacOS

Create Smart Folder on macOS

Creating a new Smart Folder on Mac is a snap. All you have to do is click on the option in the Finder and you will be presented with a window to create and save a new smart folder.

Instead of the usual prompt for the folder name, you will see a screen that asks you to define criteria for the smart folder. Here you can specify the criteria to be applied and only those files that match the criteria will be displayed here in this folder.

If you are new to this type of folder and would like some suggestions, here are some useful smart folder uses you could try.

Find recently created files using smart folders

Find recently created files with Smart Folders

If you often need access to the latest files on your Mac, you can create a smart folder that automatically retrieves all of your recent files with one click.

Search This Mac Creation date is within the last 2 days

Obviously, you can change the number “2” to any number of days you like.

Find large files with Smart Folders

Find large files with smart folders

If you are running low on storage space on your Mac, you can use the Smart Folder Criteria, which will list all the large files stored on your Mac.

This way you will be able to find large files that take up a significant portion of your storage, but are deeply nested in subfolders on your computer.

File size greater than 1 GB

View Downloaded Application Files

View downloaded application files

Most of the applications that you download to your Mac from various sites come as a DMG package. Once you’ve installed such an application and it started showing up in Launchpad on your Mac, you no longer need these DMG package files.

You can create a smart folder to find such files and then delete them from your Mac.

File extension is dmg

Find duplicate files on your Mac

Find duplicate files on your Mac

Duplicate files not only create unnecessary clutter, but also take up precious storage space on your Mac.

Therefore, it is very important to find such files and delete them permanently from your Mac.

Since most of the duplicate files have numbers like (1), (2), etc. at the end of the file names, you can use the following criteria to find duplicate files on your Mac.

Any True Name contains (1) Name contains (2 ) Name contains (3)

You can use these numbers to find as many duplicate files on your Mac as possible.

Find Unused Apps on Mac

Find unused apps on your Mac

You may have installed some applications on your Mac but no longer use them. This is how you can find such unused apps on your computer using smart folders.

Kind is Application Last opened date is before 08.19.2017

The above smart folder will list any apps that you haven’t opened since August 19, 2017 (or whatever date you choose to sign in). It gives you a clear idea of ??the unused apps on your Mac.

Search for photos taken on specific devices

Find photos captured on specific devices

If you want to get a list of all the photos taken on a specific device, say a OnePlus device, you can do that using Smart Folder on Mac.

Kind is Image All Device Manufacturer Compliant OnePlus

It will scan the EXIF ??data of your images and show images in which the device manufacturer is the same as OnePlus.

How To Create & Use Smart Folders On MacOS

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