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How To Create Smart Mailboxes In Mail On Mac

How To Create Smart Mailboxes In Mail On Mac.

The smart inbox on your Mac lets you view your received and sent emails in a more customizable way. You can create this type of mailbox in the Mail app on your Mac, and then assign different rules to it for your emails.

These rules for your smart inbox decide whether your emails should go to it or not. Emails will only be placed in your mailbox if they meet all the conditions for that particular mailbox that you created.

Creating a new smart inbox in the Apple Mail app is quick and easy.

Create a Smart Mailbox in Mail on a Mac

Before you go ahead and create your first Smart Mailbox on Mac, keep in mind that these changes will only be available in the Mail app on your Mac. All emails you send and receive will not actually be tagged and you will not see any such mailboxes on the Internet or any other version of your email account.

This feature only exists in the Mail app to help you find specific emails in your email account.

Diverse Uses of Smart Mailboxes in Mac Mail

It’s pretty easy to create a smart inbox in the Mail app on Mac, but it’s only as good as the rules you’ve set up for it. If you’ve set up hard-hitting rules that define your email requirements very well, you’ll only see the emails you need in your inbox.

However, on the other hand, if your rules are too broad and not configured properly, you will find that sometimes even unwanted emails end up in this smart inbox.

If you want to get started with this feature, but can’t come up with any good rules at the moment, the following usage examples might be helpful.

Create a smart inbox for letters from someone specific

This is the most commonly used one, and you can set up a smart inbox on Mac that only contains emails from the user you specify in the ruleset. All emails from this person will be collected for you in one inbox.

We will assume that the user has multiple email addresses and you want to put them in the same mailbox.

View emails with specific attachment types

If you frequently receive emails with a certain type of attachment, such as PDF, you can filter those emails from the rest and leave them to view.

We will create an inbox that will collect emails containing PDF attachments.

Edit Smart Mailbox in Mail

If you want to change something in the smart mailbox, you can do so by editing the mailbox in the app.

Delete Smart Mailbox in Mail

When you change jobs, your boss’s email address changes, or something happens that makes your smart inbox irrelevant, you can get rid of it in the Mail app. Deleting a mailbox will not delete your emails, and they will continue to exist on your mail server.

Create a Smart Mailbox folder in Mail on the Mac

A smart mailbox folder is a group of smart mailboxes that you choose to store in one location. You can create a folder, add selected mailboxes to it, and then access them with one click.

How To Create Smart Mailboxes In Mail On Mac

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