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How to Create and Manage Discord Server

How to Create and Manage Discord Server.

Discord is undoubtedly one of the most famous social media platforms for gamers, surpassing Skype, TeamSpeak, etc. Most games have their own server on Discord that they can follow, but the best part is that you can create a server for your community yourself. … The Discord server is like a steroid-powered group chat designed to communicate with your community. This is how you can create a Discord server. Let’s start.

In this article, we’ll walk through the steps to create and manage your Discord server effectively. I would explain what each function does and why you should or should not enable it.

1. Create a Discord server

Setting up a Discord server is pretty simple: just open the Discord website or download the Discord app (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS) and log in.

If you are logging in for the first time, you will see a pop-up window asking you to create or join a server. If you are already a Discord user, simply click the “+” icon in the lower left corner to get started. There is also a way to create Discord Server from existing templates, for that you can start from here.

A new pop-up window will open, click the New Server button.

Fill in the required details such as your server name and possibly an image. If you are not sure about the picture, you can skip it for now. Click the Create button to continue.

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That’s it, you have successfully created your first Discord server. Discord will prompt you to invite friends to their server. You can go ahead and invite your friends from Discord or skip this later.

2. Set server settings

To configure server settings, right-click the server name in the upper left corner and select Server Settings Settings. We will focus on the Overview, Moderation, and Interaction sections.

First, in the overview section, you can enable the AFK channel and AFK timeout. Discord will automatically transfer people to the AFK channel if they are idle for longer than the AFK timeout. This can come in handy if you want to optimize your server and don’t want people to interact enough.

Now you can scroll down and change the default notification settings from all messages to mentions only so people don’t have to worry about all messages on your server.

In the moderation section, you can change the review level and content filter on your server. If you only have friends on your account, you can set it to “Do not crawl multimedia content,” but if your server is going to be public, it is best to scan multimedia content for inappropriate content.

Finally, under the Interaction tab, you can connect your other accounts like YouTube, Steam, Reddit, etc. to your Discord.

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3. Add people to your server

To add people to your server, simply click on the server name in the upper left corner and select Invite People.

Discord will generate a link, you can share it with your friends via email, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.

4. Manage roles on your server

To manage roles on your server, you can simply click on the server name Server Settings Roles and click on the plus symbol (+) to add a new role.

Roles are basically titles given to specific members of your server that define what they can control on the server. The settings are pretty simple, all you have to do is set the label and color, and also specify what they can do on your server.

You now have roles on your server. You can fill these roles by going to Server Settings Members and you will see all members on your server. Just click the plus sign (+) next to the name and select a role for the member.

5. Create channels and categories

A channel is nothing more than a chat area where all people can talk on that server. There are 2 types of channels: text channel and voice channel. People create multiple channels for different purposes.

There are channels for discussion of builds, textures, beta versions, various Minecraft apps like Dungeons and Earth, technical support, and regular chat for Minecraft players. Voice channels are mainly used to communicate with people on the server while playing. Administrators also create rules feeds on their server, FAQs, announcements, and a channel list to explain all the feeds on that server.

So, to create a channel on your server, click on the server name in the upper left corner and click on “Create Channel”.

Select the type of channel you want to create, give it a name and click “Create Channel”. You can also make it private so that people who have invitations can participate.

In the Categories section, you can create categories by clicking the server name in the upper left corner and clicking Create Category. The Categories section allows you to separate channels based on context.

Give your category a name and click Create Category. Now you can simply drag and drop your feeds into different categories so you can track them easily.

6. Enhance your server for more features

Depending on the popularity of your Server and how you interact with it, Discord will unlock special features for your Server. You can check the status of your server at any time by clicking the server name Server Settings Server Acceleration Status. As your server grows, you will receive additional privileges exclusive to your tier.

Last words

You can use any social media platform to connect with friends or your gaming community. Since Discord is built specifically for gaming, it offers more control for your needs and offers as many channels as you want on your server. What do you think? Are you going to create a Discord server for your favorite game? Let me know in the comments below.

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