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How to Create a Whatsapp Account Without Phone Number

How to Create a Whatsapp Account Without Phone Number.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app for Android and iOS that allows you to send messages and make calls over the Internet. However, you need a phone number to create a new WhatsApp account. Therefore, you cannot remain anonymous on WhatsApp, everyone can see your phone number, and it is impossible to hide it. Fortunately, there is a way to create a WhatsApp account without using your real phone number, so you can join any group or give your WhatsApp number to anyone without worrying about your number going into the public domain.

Create a WhatsApp account without a phone number

While it’s not difficult to create a WhatsApp account, the important part is the verification process. WhatsApp will send you an SMS verification code to your phone number. You need to enter this code into the app to complete the account setup. But we can bypass this check by using a temporary phone number. You can create temporary phone numbers with apps like Text Now and Telos. While the Text Now app is great, it is only available in a few countries like USA, Canada, Kuwait, Singapore, etc. While Telos works in many other countries including the Philippines, Nepal, India, Pakistan, etc.

Step 1. Install Telos App

To generate an alternate phone number, you need to install the Telos app (Android / iOS). Even Telos is not available in all countries. If the app is not visible to you in the Play Store or App Store, it most likely does not work in your country. In any case, it doesn’t matter what device you install the application on, all we need is to generate a phone number and get a verification code.

Now start the Telos app and we need to create an account to use the app. You can use your email address or Facebook account to create an account if you don’t want to use a phone number. You can then grant the application access to make and manage phone calls.

Step 2. Create a phone number

After that, when creating an account, you need to select the country from which you want to get the number. It doesn’t matter which country you choose. Now select the area code in a reputable country, since I chose the USA, I entered the area code for the USA. Now click on search.

It’s time to choose your number! Telos will generate a list of numbers to choose from. Select the one you like, then click “Continue”. Telos is a monthly membership app and you get a 3-day free trial. Either way, you don’t need to continue your membership just to use Whatsapp. You can click on Free-trail within three days and complete the payment process to create a phone number. You will need a valid debit card saved in your Google Play Store Payment options.

If you cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period, you will not be charged. Either way, you don’t need to remain signed to use WhatsApp with this number. After completing the verification, you can terminate your subscription, so this is a completely free option.

Step 3. Set up WhatsApp with this number

Install the WhatsApp app (Android | iOS) on your device. Run the application and click “Accept and Continue”. Now change the country to match the country you selected in the Telos app. Then enter the new alternate number in WhatsApp. When done, click Next at the bottom.

You will receive a verification code in the Telos app. But you need to wait for the automatic check of WhatApp to complete and enter the verification code manually. If you receive the error “This is an invalid number for the US country”, then you can try to unsubscribe and start over.

That’s it, you have successfully created a WhatsApp account without using your phone number.

You can now unsubscribe from the Telos app and WhatsApp will work as usual. You can even make phone and video calls from WhatsApp even after canceling. This is because WhatsApp uses the Internet for calls, not mobile networks.

Oddly enough, canceling a subscription in the Telos app is a little buggy. But since we’re signed in with email, you can unsubscribe here if you’re using Gmail.

You can add contacts to your phone as before and Whatsapp will read this contact data as before. Anyway, in order to send regular SMS from the number you created, you need to continue your membership and also provide access to contacts for the Telos app.

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