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How to create a thread on Twitter and how to view 2022

How to create a thread on Twitter and how to view 2022.

Do you want to write a long Twitter post, but are afraid that everything you want to say will not fit in one tweet? The easiest option is to post a series of tweets and merge them into a Twitter thread (or tweet thread).

With a tweet thread, you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard 280 characters. Instead, you can use this social media platform to provide additional context or arguments for your point of view, and update it later with more information. Below you will find more information on what Twitter themes look like and how to create your first one.

What’s a Twitter Thread?

Previously, each tweet had a strict 140 character limit, which was all you could write in a single Twitter post. However, as the platform evolved, Twitter users continued to ask for more space to express themselves. Because Twitter didn’t want its users to switch to another platform like Snapchat or Instagram, they introduced new post formats.

Today you can post longer tweets, polls, GIFs, images and videos, fleets and themes. The Twitter thread is a relatively new feature.

A Twitter thread is a series of related tweets posted by the same Twitter user. They are linked together by the “Reply” function and appear as one continuous tweet with a second and other additional tweets attached to the original tweet-like comments.

How to Find and View Threads on Twitter

If it’s a thread from someone you follow, you’ll see it on your timeline as multiple tweets connected by a straight line. If there are four or more tweets in a thread, the tweets are truncated. To expand and see the entire thread, you need to select the Show this thread option next to an individual tweet.

Your profile will show the thread as individual tweets posted in reverse chronological order. Each Tweet in a thread will have the same “Show this thread” option next to it. When you retweet or quote a tweet that belongs to a thread, the retweet will also include the “Show this thread” message so that other people can select it to see the entire thread.

Users typically tag their Twitter threads with the #thread hashtag to distinguish them from regular tweets and to avoid their followers commenting on the first tweet before the entire thread is complete.

To ensure that your followers read the tweets in your thread in the correct order, you can also number the posts in your thread: for example, 1/5, 2/5, etc. If you mention someone in the thread, they will receive a standard Twitter notification about it.

Twitter Thread vs Tweetstorm

If you’ve heard of tweettorms before, researching the topics on Twitter might confuse you as they seem to be the same thing. While threads and tweettorms can be the same thing, this is not always the case.

When a user quickly posts multiple tweets one after the other, this is known as a tweetstorm. However, they only become a thread if those tweets are also replies to each other and are linked in this way. If tweets are not linked together using the “Reply” feature, they remain separate tweets that can be part of a tweetstorm even if they are not linked to each other.

You may also find the word tweetstorm used in relation to something else. When many different users tweet about the same topic (for example, using the same hashtags or links), some people also refer to this as a tweettorm. However, this use case is much less common nowadays.

How to Create Your First Thread on Twitter

There are two different ways to create a thread on your Twitter account. You can use both the Twitter website and the mobile app. Follow our tutorials to create your first Twitter thread.

How to create a Twitter thread using the reply feature

The easiest way to create a topic on Twitter is to post a tweet and then use the reply feature to add more tweets to your topic. To create your first Twitter thread, follow these steps. The steps are the same for Android, iOS, and desktop users.

Open the Twitter app or website and sign in to your account.Open the home page, then start typing your first tweet in the What’s Happening section (or select the Compose icon if you’re using the mobile app).

Select Tweet.After your first tweet is posted, click Reply below it.

When a new tweet is ready, click the Tweet button to post it.

The message “Show this thread” will now appear next to the second tweet. You can keep posting new tweets using the Reply feature until you reach the last tweet in your thread.

This method is easy to use, but the main problem here is that your followers may not know it’s a topic you’re creating and start asking questions in the answers you’re going to answer in the next tweets. If you choose this method, be sure to include #thread in your first tweet and number all subsequent tweets so your followers know there will be new posts.

How to create a Twitter thread using the Discussions tool

Another way to avoid the situation where your followers start commenting on your posts before the thread is complete is to create one using Twitter’s built-in feature. This allows you to create an entire Twitter thread with as many tweets as you like and then post them all at once.

To create a new thread on Twitter using the thread tool, follow these steps: The steps are the same for all Twitter apps and the Twitter website.

On Twitter, start typing your first tweet in the What’s Happening section (desktop users) or click the Compose icon to compose your first tweet (mobile users).Select the blue + icon (desktop users) or Continue Discussion (for mobile users) to add the next tweet to the thread.

Enter your second tweet. Then tap the + icon again to add another tweet.When you’re ready to post your thread, select Tweet all.

You will now see your topic appear on your Twitter feed.

You can add more tweets after posting a topic. To do this, open any individual tweet in your thread, scroll down and select Add another tweet.

You can also remove any of the individual tweets from your thread. To do this, open the Tweet you want to delete, select the icon with the three horizontal dots on the right, and select Delete.

Tips on Creating Engaging Twitter Threads

Themes are great for boosting engagement on Twitter. You can use this tool to earn rewards from Twitter, such as gaining new followers and becoming more visible to other users. However, to get the most out of your Twitter threads, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Try not to use only plain text when writing threads. Instead, use different types of media to accompany your messages, such as GIFs, images, videos, and links. This is a great way to add variety to your tweets and keep your audience engaged, especially if it’s a long thread. When creating a topic, don’t forget about hashtags. Write like a pro and be sure to use at least one hashtag in every tweet to make your topic more accessible to users who don’t already follow you. If this is a short thread, number your posts to create a better structure and help your followers read the tweets in the correct order. However, if this is a long thread, avoid numbering your posts, as the end number of 23+ posts might turn people off. When people start commenting on your threads, respond to their comments as soon as possible and move the discussion forward. Your thread may contain the most useful information, but if it doesn’t get input from other users, the Twitter algorithm won’t show it to anyone outside of your circle of followers.

Use Threads to Tell Better Stories on Twitter

Twitter offers many tools to help you engage your audience. Twitter threads are no exception. Use threads to tell better stories, engage with your audience, and make your Twitter account more accessible to other users.

How to create a thread on Twitter and how to view 2022

How to create a thread on Twitter and how to view 2022

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