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How To Connect Your Google Home To Your TV

As you relax on your comfy couch after a long day, the last thing you need to do is get up and find the remote to turn up the sound of your favorite show.

Fortunately, Google Assistant – through your Google Home device or through your phone – can give you control over many aspects of your TV, even when the remote is out of reach. For example, you can change the volume level or start Netflix with just a phrase.

Source: Google

All it takes is a Chromecast or smart TV. The setup process is the most time consuming step, and even it will only take you a few minutes.

How to connect Google Home to TV using Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast, a TV with an HDMI port, and a decent Wi-Fi connection, then you have everything you need to connect Google Assistant to your Chromecast.

Start by connecting your Chromecast. Your Chromecast will most likely connect to the HDMI port and use micro-USB for power. The Chromecast Ultra is slightly different in that it uses an external power supply rather than plugging directly into the TV.

Once you’ve connected and configured your Chromecast, connecting your Google Home device to your Chromecast is easy. After setting up your Chromecast, you should already have the Google Home app installed, but if not, take a moment and download it now. You can find the app in both the Play Store and the App Store

After completing all these steps, your device should be connected. You can tell Google Home to “Play Friends from Netflix on Chromecast,” and the show should appear on screen without any additional prompts.

You can adjust the volume, skip episodes, and more. However, you cannot turn off your TV unless the Logitech Harmony Hub is connected to it.

How to connect Google Home to an already configured device

The above steps are for connecting a new device, but you may face a situation where the device is already installed in your home, such as a Smart TV. If it has Chromecast built-in, it may not show up on your list of devices to add to Google Home.

Here’s how to connect Google Home to this TV:

Once the devices are connected, you can control your TV using the Google Home smart assistant. You will also be able to stream content and images from your phone.

If you have a smart TV, a dedicated app for your model will also provide you with a digital remote that can do everything a physical remote can do. This is another great option when cushions have used it up and you can’t find the strength to fight your way through them.

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