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How To Connect a PS4 Controller To An iPhone, iPad Or Android Device

While most avid gamers have a preference for a PC or game console to play with, let’s not forget that the latest Android and iOS devices also boast super gaming features. It is not without reason that a lot of games for PC and only for game consoles have appeared in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store lately.

If you enjoy playing on both consoles and mobile phones, you would be delighted to know that your PS4 controller can now be used to play games on mobile devices. This makes it easier to play your favorite games on mobile as you don’t have to learn new control schemes and you can use the default controller layout.

Since the PS4 controller uses Bluetooth to connect to the PS4 console, you can use this wireless (Bluetooth) function to connect the controller to mobile devices. The following guide covers everything from connecting a controller and remapping game controls to permanently disconnecting the controller and reconnecting it to the console.

Using a PS4 controller with an Android device

Use PS4 controller with your Android device

It’s easy to connect your PS4 controller to your Android device. All you have to do is press two buttons on your controller, turn on the option on your Android device, and you’re ready to play your Android games with your PS4 controller.

It not only allows you to play games but also navigate the Android interface using a controller. However, the control buttons won’t always work the way you want, but you have a fix for that.

Let’s first see how to connect both devices to each other:

You can press the navigation buttons on your controller to navigate through the options on your Android device. I played around with it for a while to access various options in the Settings app and it worked great.

Connect PS4 controller to iPhone / iPad

Connect your PS4 controller to your iPhone / iPad

Connecting your PS4 controller to your iPhone or iPad is as easy as connecting to your Android device. However, there is one requirement that your iOS device must meet.

Your iPhone and iPad must be running the latest version of iOS 13 in order for your device to connect to the PS4 controller. If you are not using this version of iOS, it’s time to go to Settings> General> Software Update and update your device to the latest version available.

After updating the iOS version, you can connect your device to the PS4 controller. Press and hold the Share and PS buttons at the same time and your controller will flash. Go to Settings> Bluetooth on your device and tap on the controller to connect to it.

Once you connect, the indicator on the controller will stop flashing. You are now ready to play games and navigate your iOS device using your PS4 controller.

Troubleshoot latency issues with a controller

Troubleshoot lag problems with the console

Sometimes, the connection between your Android device and the controller may be interrupted. If this happens too often and causes too much inconvenience, you can fix the problem by installing the application on your device.

The Google Play store has an app called Bluetooth Auto Connect that allows you to fix many of the Bluetooth related issues on your device. It has an option called Continuous Connect, which ensures that your device is always connected to the controller (or any other Bluetooth device, for that matter).

Here’s how to use the app to keep both of your devices connected to each other:

The app will ensure your devices are always connected. However, you can change the numbers in the parameter if the current one doesn’t suit you.

Reassign game controls to work with PS4 controller

Reset the game controls to work with the PS4 console

If you’ve already started playing games with a PS4 controller on your Android device, you have noticed that some of the game control options are not optimized for your external controller. This is due to the fact that many games do not yet support an external controller.

However, you can change this using the app. Log into Octopus, a key remapping app that allows you to change which key does what it does on your device. With this app, you can customize your game controls to match those of your PS4 controller.

Just download and install the app on your device, add the game to the list, and start customizing the controls.

Disconnect the controller from your devices

Disconnect the console from your devices

When you’re done playing games on your devices with a PS4 controller, you can disconnect the controller and reconnect it to the console.

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