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How To Clear Outlook Cache

Like any other application, Outlook also creates and stores cache files on your computer to speed up its operations. These files help the application to automatically complete certain operations and help to get to the required files faster than if there was no cache. However, sometimes you may need to clear the Outlook cache.

You will want to do this, especially when you notice a degradation in application performance, which is often the result of a large number of cache files created over a period of time. There are ways to delete various Outlook cache files as shown below.

Clear Outlook cache files with File Explorer

Using File Explorer to clear your Outlook cache is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this task. Since cache files are just like any other regular files on your computer, you can go to the folder they are in and get rid of them right away. When this is done, your Outlook cache will be deleted.

Although clearing Outlook cache files is usually not a problem, it is recommended that you back them up to a separate folder before deleting them. If something goes wrong, you can restore your files from backups.

Clear individual Outlook cache entries

The above method removes all Outlook cache files from your computer. If you only want to delete certain entries, such as certain email addresses that appear as suggestions, you can do so from within Outlook.

Only the entries that you have selected in the application are deleted.

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Clear the Outlook AutoComplete cache

As you write new emails, you may have noticed that Outlook offers you autocomplete for certain things. He can do this because these items are stored in his cache library. However, if you are annoyed by this behavior of Outlook or you just do not want to receive such offers, you can delete this data from the application on your computer.

Disabling and clearing the AutoComplete cache in Outlook is pretty easy.

Clear Outlook form cache

If you are using any forms in Outlook on your computer, your computer may also have cache files for those forms. You also need to clear them to completely remove all Outlook cache files.

This can also be done from an application on your computer.

If you have used any of these methods to clear the Outlook cache on your computer, we would like to know which method you used and why you chose to delete those cache files. Any specific reasons for this? Your response is expected in the comment section below.

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