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How to Check How Much Data Is Left in Jio

How to Check How Much Data Is Left in Jio.

Jio recently released a special Work from Home plan in which it doubles the data limit to 2GB per day for Rs 251. So it gives you a little breathing room, but running out of your daily data limit is always a problem. Especially now that you are working from home, it is important to keep track of your daily data limit. Here’s how to check how much data is left in Jio.

How to check how much data is left in Jio

1. Give a miss call

The most used and easiest way to find out the daily data usage on your number. Follow these simple steps to know.

It will contain all the information such as your balance, SMS, as well as the amount of data that you used from the daily limit. It’s an easy way to find all the parts in one place.

2. MyJio application

Similar to other network providers like Airtel, Jio also has an app where you can manage your account. This not only allows you to check your balance, top-up offers, but also allows you to check your daily data balance. Here’s how to do it.

You will also find “Check Usage” under the “Daily Data” section. This will give you detailed information broken down by date. Alternatively, you can also tap Voice, SMS, Wi-Fi for more details. Another way is to use the Jio website, but I don’t recommend it unless you always use a laptop. For those who will be using this method, navigate to the Usage Section on the Summary Tab where you can graphically view daily usage along with other details.

Download MyJio App (iOS | Android)

3. Third-party application

There are many third party apps that allow you to track your daily limit. Starting with the simplest application of all “Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite”, which together with daily data usage (notification bar) shows the internet speed (status bar). It also separates your mobile data from WiFi data. Alternatively, if you need more control over your data, you can use Data Eye, which has a built-in firewall in addition to your normal WiFi data and statistics, so you can easily block apps you don’t want to provide. data access too.

If you have iOS, you can use My Data Manager VPN Security, which also works in a similar way.

Finally, we cannot ignore widgets, while both of the above applications do not have this option, the “Data Counter Widget” gives you this opportunity along with the usage statistics in the application.

Concluding remarks

This is how you validate your Jio number. If you are using other network connections, you can easily search for USSD codes on Google or download your carrier’s proprietary app. However, if you are an Airtel user, here is a detailed article about it. So now that we’ve saved tons of data, check out these 20+ paid games and apps that are currently free on the Play Store. Good luck with your payment! Oh, sorry, I meant to play!

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