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How to Check How Much Data Is Left in Airtel

How to Check How Much Data Is Left in Airtel.

If you’re stuck at home and working without a Wi-Fi connection, like me, you will understand how important it is to keep track of your daily data limit. I know you want to finish all your work as soon as possible, but if you have no data left or less data left, you shouldn’t think about watching Netflix for a long time. However, there are easy ways to check your daily limit so you can calculate and use it accordingly. So here’s how to check your connection details for Airtel and others.

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Check how much data is left on Airtel


It depends on which carrier you are using. Each of them has its own USSD number, which you will need to enter into the keyboard, like any regular phone number. I am using Airtel connection, so here is how to check if you are using it.

This is the easiest way to solve our problem. Also, you can easily google these updated USSD codes for your network.

2. A proprietary app for the carrier

Most carriers have an app that allows the user to monitor and manage their connections. You can top up your account, use additional services, and check the daily data limit in the application. Chances are, your carrier has something similar that you can download. With the Airtel app, you can check the “Daily Remaining Data” in your account along with the “Package Expiration”. It also gives you other options like phone charging, transaction history, and customer support.

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3. Third-party application

There are many third party apps that allow you to track your daily limit. Starting with the simplest application of all “Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite”, which together with daily data usage (notification bar) shows the internet speed (status bar). It also separates your mobile data from WiFi data. Alternatively, if you need more control over your data, you can use Data Eye, which has a built-in firewall in addition to your normal WiFi data and statistics, so you can easily block apps you don’t want to provide. data access too.

If you have iOS, you can use My Data Manager VPN Security, which also works in a similar way.

Finally, we cannot ignore widgets, although both of the above applications do not have this option, the “Data Counter Widget” gives you this option along with the usage statistics in the application.

closing remarks

Depending on which OS you are using, you may be able to manage your data limit under Cellular Data Settings on your phone under Data Usage. It also gives you the option to enable data retention, which can help you save more data by disabling apps that are running in the background. So here’s how to check your connection details for Airtel and others. Oh! Plus, enjoy Netflix, now that you can save some of that Internet.

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