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how to check to duplicate a page in WordPress

how to check to duplicate a page in WordPress.

Duplicating a page in WordPress can be useful when you want to make copies of a template you’ve created for future pages. You can also create a new page after the existing one to experiment with without changing the original.

You can copy and paste content from an old page to a new one, but it will be a time consuming and time consuming way to duplicate a page in WordPress. Also, you might change the original content by mistake and it might not be possible to copy important settings, layouts, SEO data, or images from the old page. Alternatively, you can use the page duplication plugin.

This guide will show you all the available options for duplicating a page in WordPress so you can work with it without affecting your existing version.

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

There are built-in and manual ways to duplicate a page in WordPress, but we’ll also mention some of the best plugins for this task.

Built-in or manual methods

If you only need to copy one post, you can duplicate the post by copying and pasting your content onto a new page.

  1. First, open the existing page that you want to duplicate. Select “More Tools and Options.”

  1. Select a code editor.

  1. Copy the code of the page you want to duplicate and then select Add New from the toolbar to create a new page.

  1. Open the code editor on a new page and paste the code you copied earlier.
  2. Click the More Tools and Options menu, and then select Visual Editor. Your new page should now be a copy of your existing page.

Note. This method is easier to use if you don’t want to edit your site‘s functions.php file. However, this may take some time if you have multiple duplicate pages, as you will have to do this individually for each page.

How to Use a Plugin to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

You’ve probably already installed plugins on your WordPress site and think that adding another one might slow down your site. However, if you want to duplicate pages in bulk, the plugin is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to get the job done. They also come in handy if you need to do this frequently.

Here are some plugins that will make duplicating pages in WordPress a breeze.

1. Duplicate message

Duplicate Post is a popular WordPress plugin for duplicating pages on your website. After installing and activating the plugin, go to Pages> All and select the Clone link below the page to copy it.

A new page will be created for you with the same settings and content. The plugin also offers prefix or suffix options to help you distinguish the original page from the clone.

You can also select Batch Actions to clone multiple pages at once.

2. Duplicate page

Duplicate Page is another popular plugin that offers several additional features not found in similar cloning plugins. To duplicate pages in WordPress, install and activate the plugin, go to the Pages admin screen and select the “Duplicate this” link under the pages you want to duplicate.

You will receive a new page with the same settings or content as the original page, and you can edit or modify the page as you see fit. You can save the received copies as public, private, pending review, or draft.

3. Duplicate pages and publications

Unlike other cloning plugins, Duplicate Page and Post doesn’t offer many features, making it an easy and fast plugin to duplicate pages on your WordPress website. To use this plugin, install and activate it and then select the Duplicate option under the page you want to clone.

4. Duplicator of messages

Post Duplicator is a simple plugin that creates an exact clone of any page on your WordPress website, including custom taxonomies and fields. The plugin is easy to use, lightweight and fast, so it won’t tire your site.

To duplicate a page in WordPress using Post Duplicator, install and activate the plugin, then go to Pages> All. From here select “Duplicate Page” to clone the desired page along with its settings and content.

Create Exact Copies for Future Pages

WordPress may be the leading CMS, but it still lacks some potentially useful features out of the box, including how to duplicate a page.

Both options we looked at will get the job done, and plugins are the fastest, most reliable, and convenient solution. Whichever method you use, you avoid the tedious process of copying and pasting, and you have more time to develop your site.

Let us know if you were able to copy the page in WordPress by leaving a comment below.

how to check to duplicate a page in WordPress

how to check to duplicate a page in WordPress

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