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How To Change Your Google Chrome Theme

To be honest, the default theme in Google Chrome is nothing special. Of course, from time to time, to celebrate a holiday or a global event, Google changes its logo to suit it, giving us a little something visually appealing. However, this is nothing more than a flair. Where is personalization?

Investing in Google Themes really lets your personality shine. Quickly decorate your Chrome theme with different colors and symbols to add to your homepage, new tab background, search bar and bookmark tab. There is sure to be a Chrome theme that works best for you.

How to change the look of Chrome

So how exactly are you going to download and add a Chrome theme? Well, first, you need to visit the Chrome Web Store Without using the link, to change the Chrome theme, you will need to go to your browser settings, select “Appearance” and click on “Themes.”

Chrome Web Store Themes

Chrome Web Store Features

You can sort the topics by changing the category in the left sidebar to one of three options: Everyone, Google, and Artist.

Here’s an overview of the Google Chrome theme categories when set to All:

Here you can browse through the thousands of available themes to find the one you like best. Every theme in the store is free, so you can try as much as you like.

You can click the View All button located in the upper right corner of each theme section to view all the Chrome themes in that section.

To view a theme, click the thumbnail and go to the Browse tab to see how the theme will look on a tabbed page.

After installing the theme, the default theme will be automatically replaced with the new one. You will have the opportunity to undo the theme and make a different choice if the one you initially chose doesn’t reflect your personality as you hoped.

Installing Chrome Theme

Install Chrome Theme

Remove or change Chrome theme

Remove or change the appearance of Chrome

Are you tired of your new theme and want to replace it with something else or return to the default? Piece of cake.

The procedure for removing or changing a Chrome theme is very similar to adding it.

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