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How to Change the Cursor on Windows 10

The default cursor you always use on Windows can seem a little boring and outdated at times. However, Windows is a great operating system if you want to change something. It gives you full control over your desktop.

So, if you want to change the cursor, it is quite possible. And there are many ways to do this on the Internet. Regardless of the shape or color, what you like can probably be used for free. You can also make minor changes to the size or color of the cursor without loading anything.

The only tricky part is figuring out how to change the cursor in Windows 10. You have to do this by going into Windows Settings, and it can seem a little confusing doing it yourself. Here’s how to change the cursor without any problems in Windows 10.

Use indicator customization settings

If you don’t want any major changes to your cursor, but just want to change something, such as the size, you can do it right in the Windows settings.

  1. Click the Windows button, then go to Settings.
  1. In Settings, click Devices.
  1. Click the Mouse option on the left, then click More Mouse Options.

  1. The Mouse Properties window will open and select Pointers.

  1. From the Scheme drop-down list, you can choose from several options for changing the cursor in Windows 10. For colors, you can choose; black, default or inverted. You can also change the size to Large or Extra Large.
  1. Once you have selected the one you want, click “Apply” and then “OK”.

You will see that all cursor icons for different actions will be changed, as will the diagram. If you want to change a specific cursor option, you can do so without changing the rest.

  1. Open Settings Devices Mouse Advanced Mouse Options again.
  1. Go to the Pointers panel in the Mouse Properties window.
  1. Find the cursor parameter you want to change and select it, then click Browse.
  1. The File Manager will open in a window with all the cursors available in Windows. You can choose the one you like best and then click “Open”.
  1. To save this custom schema, you can select Save As from the Schema drop-down list and then name it.
  1. Select Apply, then OK.

If you want to make some quick changes easily, there is another option to customize the Windows cursor in Settings. If you go to Windows Settings Devices Mouse Customize Mouse and Cursor Size, you will be taken to a window where you can change several Windows 10 cursor settings.

– /

Above is the size and color. You can move the slider to increase or decrease the cursor You can also change the cursor color below. There are white, black and inverted colors by default, but you can also choose your own color.

To do this, select the fourth color option using the color wheel. You can choose from one of the suggested colors, or click Choose Your Own Pointer Color to choose your own color in the color selector.

You can also change the thickness of the cursor while typing using the slider under the Change Cursor Thickness button.

Download indicators online

You may be looking for something more colorful or unique than just the default Windows cursors available. If so, there are many different cursors that you can find online for free to download and use.

Since you will have to download them from third party sites, you should always be careful about where and what you download. If the site seems sketchy, don’t use it as you could infect your computer with malware. A good site for finding cursors is the Open Cursor Library

Here’s how to change the cursor in the downloaded file:

  1. After downloading the file, find where you saved the file, open it, and click “Extract All” in the upper right corner. Save the file in a place convenient for you and where you do not need to move it.
  1. Go to Windows Settings Devices Mouse Secondary Mouse Options
  1. Open the Index panel.
  1. In the Customize box, select the cursor you want to change. Then click Browse.
  1. Find the file with cursors you loaded and select the cursor corresponding to the one you want to change. Select “Open” to use the cursor

  1. Do this for all cursors you want to change, then select Apply, then OK.

Other indicator customization options

You can make even more changes to the cursor if you want. In the same Mouse Properties window, you will see the Pointer Options Bar. Select this and you will see a few more additional changes that you can make.

In the “Motion” field, you can change the cursor speed by moving the slider towards “Slow” or “Fast”.

In the Snap To section, you can configure the cursor to automatically jump to the default setting in dialog boxes.

In the Visibility field, you can change a few more parameters. If you check the box next to Show Pointer Tracks, your cursor will create a trail with every move. You can adjust the duration of this action by moving the slider towards “Short” or “Long”.

You can also check the box below this to hide the pointer as you type. Below it, you can check a checkbox that allows you to press the CTRL key, which will then show the location of your cursor on your screen.

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