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How To Change the Alarm Sound On Your iPhone 11

How To Change the Alarm Sound On Your iPhone 11.

An alarm clock is the last thing most of us want to hear in the morning. The typical loud, roaring alarm sounds don’t help either. However, if you are using an iPhone for your morning alarm, you can actually change the alarm sound.

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There are several ways to change the sound of your alarm, and you can potentially use whatever you want to wake you up in the morning, from soothing sounds to your favorite song. It only takes a few steps to do this, and you can change the alarm sound as much as you like.

How To Change the Alarm Sound on iPhone

You can change iPhone alarm sounds right from the Clock app where you set the alarm. There are several different ways to change your alarm depending on what kind of sound you want.

1. In the iPhone Alarms app, go to the Alarms section and tap Edit in the upper left corner.

2. Select the alarm for which you want to change the sound, then tap the Sound option on the next screen.

3. There are three ways to change the alarm sound: in the Store, Songs or Ringtones menu.

Using Tone Store

Selecting the Tone Store option will take you to the iTunes page where you can search for tone suggestions and buy a new tone to use. You can select songs, dialogues from TV shows and movies, sound effects, and more. Any tone here will cost $ 1.29.

After purchasing a new signal, it will appear in the “Ringtones” section of your alarm clock. You can select it as the alarm tone for that specific alarm.

Use a song

You can also select a song that you have uploaded to Apple Music to use as an alarm. In the Songs section, click Select Song. You will be taken to your Apple Music Library and can select a song from there.

If you don’t use Apple Music but still want to use the song as your alarm, your best option would be to buy the song melody from the Tone Store as mentioned above.

Use of tones

All existing alarms that you have purchased and / or downloaded are listed in the Ringtones section. You can also choose from a variety of default alarm sounds. At the very bottom, you can also select “No” to completely mute the alarm.

How To Upload Your Own Ringtone

You can also use any sound you’ve downloaded to your computer and download it to your iPhone to use as your ringtone. Here’s how:

1. Make sure iTunes is downloaded to your computer.

2. Download iPhone ringtone online. Please note that this must be a .M4r file.

3. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and select the Trust option on the iPhone.

4. In iTunes, select the iPhone device icon to the left of the library.

5. In the left sidebar, select the Sounds option.

6. Drag a ringtone to this Ringtones section.

The ringtone will now appear in the Tones section and you can select it on your iPhone to use.

Changing the Alarm Vibration

In the Sound section, you can also change how the iPhone vibrates when the alarm goes off.

1. Select Vibration from the Sounds screen.

2. By default, the “Synchronized” option is selected. You can change this by choosing any of the options in the Standard section.

3. In the “Custom” section, you can create your own vibration pattern. Select “Create New Vibration” and tap the screen according to the vibration pattern. Click Stop when done and then click Save.

4. You can also turn off vibration by selecting “No” at the bottom of the screen.

The vibration function is a good choice if you want to use the alarm function without mute.

Using Apps to Change the Alarm Sound

Another way to change the alarm sound is by using the apps in the App Store. There are several different ways to change alarm sounds.

These apps can have different sounds that you can use. For example, the Sleep Cycle app has calming sounds that accompany its alarm.

You can also download apps that let you download ringtones for free. They usually have libraries of sounds that you can use as your own alarm sounds. Some of these apps are Best Ringtones of 2021: Songs and Zedge.

Changing Your Alarm Sound for A Better Wake-Up

The first thing you hear when you wake up can be an important factor in how the rest of your morning goes. So choosing an alarm sound that you like and that makes it easier for you to wake up can be a great way to make your morning easier. By following the steps above, you will be able to hear an alarm sound that you can enjoy.

How To Change the Alarm Sound On Your iPhone 11

How To Change the Alarm Sound On Your iPhone 11

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