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How to Block YouTube Channels

How to Block YouTube Channels.

Let’s say you stumbled upon a new YouTube channel and watched some of its videos for a long time. YouTube will now assume that you liked this channel, and next time you will see recommendations for that channel on your home screen and sidebars. This happens even if you are not subscribed to this channel.

Most of the time this is relevant, but sometimes (and it happens more often) you just don’t want to see this channel’s recommendations just because you’ve watched some of its videos. Or let’s say you want to permanently blacklist YouTube channels so that no one can play their videos.

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Or, say, the kids in your house are avidly watching Minecraft channels when they were supposed to be doing their homework. And now you want to blacklist YouTube channels forever.

How to block YouTube channels

1. Remove a single video clip from your feed

It is possible to remove one video from the YouTube feed. Just click on the 3 vertical dots below the video and choose Delete. But this will only hide that specific video, you will still see other videos from that channel. It works for both desktop and mobile devices. But luckily, there are 2 easy ways to block a specific YouTube channel.

2. Block YouTube channels from recommending

If someone from youtubers is spamming your comments section or you just don’t want their videos to appear on the featured list, here’s how to do it.

Find the channel that you do not want to remove from the proposed

Go to the About Us page

# 3 Click the dropdown icon next to the send message box, or if you are on a mobile device, click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner and select “Block user”.

# 4 Confirm the changes and that’s it. From now on, you will not see any videos suggested for that particular channel. But you can still search their channel and watch their videos.

To unblock a channel, go to your community settings and delete them.

If you block a specific YouTube channel, they won’t be able to comment on your channel. (They will actually see their comment posted from their end, but others will not see it. So if you block other YouTube users, keep that in mind.

Sorry, we couldn’t find any options to block YouTube channels on Android. Which seems strange. We’ll take a closer look at this for now.

3: Permanently Blocked YouTube Channel

If you browse YouTube on your desktop and want to permanently block those annoying videos or channels so they don’t show up as an offer and you can’t search for them by name, use this Chrome extension called a video blocker. A Firefox user can use a similar extension called Video Blocker from the same author.

Video Blocker offers you advanced features such as blocking videos directly from a video link or blocking videos based on keywords in their title. Even if you copy and paste the URL when you are logged into your google account, it still won’t play blacklisted videos. Useful if you have children at home.

There are 3 ways to block YouTube channel – channel, wildcard and keyword. To test the extension, I tried to block all videos containing the keyword PewDiePie, PubG, Fornite, etc., and for the most part it worked fine.

You can also hide videos from multiple channels at once using a wildcard or adding regular expressions. For detailed information on how to do this, go to the help section in the settings after installing this extension. The app also supports password protection.

4. Set up Restricted Mode on YouTube

Sorry, there is no browser extension for mobile, but can you use limited mode? Which, when enabled, automatically hides videos that may contain inappropriate content flagged by users and other signals. While in my experience this is still far from a perfect filter, if you have children at home, it’s important to turn it on.

To enable Restricted Mode on your desktop, simply scroll down the YouTube homepage or any page and you’ll find a Restricted Mode button there. Just click on it and turn it off. You can also make your Safe Mode settings permanent in Chrome. Others can only unlock it by entering their Google account password.

Setting Restricted Mode on your desktop does not automatically set it up on your iPhone or tablet. This must be done separately. And on mobile, this option is buried under the settings.

To set up restricted mode on Android or iOS; Open the YouTube app on Android, iPhone or iPad click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Then click Settings General Click Restricted Filtering and select Strict.

5. Consider using YouTube incognito

YouTube’s algorithm shows you video recommendations based on what you’re watching. Sometimes I feel like relaxing and watching a compilation of videos, but that doesn’t mean my YouTube channel has to be filled with them. To avoid this situation, you can use YouTube’s incognito feature, which helps users watch content they don’t want to be influenced by their usual recommendations.

While you won’t be able to watch age-restricted videos incognito, and if you’re a premium YouTube user, you still have to see ads on YouTube incognito from time to time.

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