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How to Block Websites on an iPhone

How to Block Websites on an iPhone.

Due to overworked parents, you may not always be there to protect your children from the evil of the world. This includes what they can and cannot view on the Internet using mobile devices. The ability to block certain websites on your phone isn’t just on your iPhone, but with a lot of kids using them these days, this could be a great start.

Give more control over the content your child has access to with the built-in iOS feature. The adult content filter will allow you to block all images and pop-ups that are unsafe for your child’s eyes, and it also allows you to manually add URLs for any sites you deem unsafe.

There is no need to go back and access the preferences for each browser as these restrictions will apply to all available browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. This is great news for parents with tech-savvy digital born kids who might be trying to bypass site blocking.

Keep reading to find out how to block websites on your child’s iPhone.

Block websites on iPhone using Screen Time feature

The main iOS feature we’ll look at is screen time. This feature tracks the usage of all apps on the iPhone, and this is where you can set restrictions for specific apps and block specific sites.

If you select this option, all other sites will be blocked, so add other sites such as YouTube or Facebook only if you agree that your child is viewing them.

iOS 11 or earlier

The previous instructions were for those using iOS 12+. For those using earlier versions of iOS, Screen Time does not exist, so you will have to take various steps to achieve a similar goal.

Screen Time for Family

Family Screen Time

The family version of Screen Time is designed for iOS 12+ users and makes it easy to set up parental controls on your child’s iPhone. You can add all existing Apple IDs to your child’s accounts, allowing you to track all of their browsing and phone usage right from your device. You can even create an account for your child using your device and syncing it with their iPhone or iPad.

With this system, you no longer need to take your iPhone off your child just to make a few necessary changes or restrictions to the device. You can block websites on your phone remotely and effortlessly.

This option will require you to have a Family Sharing account and can be configured using the Screen Time feature. Simply select “Set Family Screen Time” from the Screen Time tab and follow the onscreen instructions for either your existing account or a new account.

Additional restrictions

Additional restrictions

Screen Time isn’t just for blocking certain websites. Idle Time can be used to set up phone schedules and to restrict phone calls and application usage.

If you set an “idle time” on your phone, only calls and allowed applications will be available to the user during the time period you set. You can even set a limit on the type of apps allowed.

Another layer of protection that you can use on top of any restrictions you put in is the use of a screen time password. This ensures that your child cannot change the settings if he never learns the password.

Click on the “Use screen password” option and select the four-digit code to use. You will need to use this code anytime you want to make changes to Screen Time, so be sure to remember it. Just don’t shoot yourself in the foot using the same password you need to unlock your phone.

How to Block Websites on an iPhone

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