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How to Backup PS4 Data To The Cloud

In our almost entirely digital world, data loss can be catastrophic, especially if it’s a Skyrim rescue that you’ve spent hundreds of hours on. The good news is that cloud storage allows you to back up your data for whatever reason, whether you’re wiping your console or because you know that if you have to start all over again, you’ll be playing the invisible archer and that’s it. will end.

The process of backing up PS4 data to the cloud is simple. You only need a PlayStation Plus subscription to access PlayStation cloud storage. You can get one month for as little as $ 10 per month, but the more cost-effective option is to invest for a year, or roughly $ 60 per year.

How to backup PS4 data to the cloud

The most obvious (and common) use of PS4 cloud storage is to ensure that your saved games are not lost if your console gets damaged. Another great reason is to transfer save data from one console to another; for example, to show something in the game to a friend. Whatever the reason, here’s how to get started.

Go to the PlayStation 4 main menu by pressing the PlayStation button on your controller. From there, go to the settings menu – the toolbar icon in the right corner next to the power icon.

From here, scroll down the menu until you find Manage App Saved Data. After that, you will see four different menu options:

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