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How to Anonymously View Instagram Stories Without an Account

How to Anonymously View Instagram Stories Without an Account.

Instagram Stories are a great way to keep track of what’s going on in the lives of the people you follow. However, as soon as you view any story, it appears in the Viewers section. This makes it easy for the user who uploaded the video to know if you’ve watched it or not. Well, for whatever reason you end up blocked or restricted, there are ways you can still view stories. One option is to create another hidden account, but they can still see you in the viewers section. So if you want to get around that and go through their stories without giving hints. Here’s how to view Instagram Stories anonymously.

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Watch Instagram stories without an account

1. Story Stalker (Android app)

While most of the apps on the play store require you to sign in with Instagram or Facebook, with Story Stalker you can view your story just like you would in a browser. The app has absolutely no ads and the user interface is very simple.

The app has two features, one is the harassment list and the other is the subscription list. You can simply add any number of people to your harassment list and click on a name to view their stories, just like you do on Instagram.

The second tab, which is a subscription list feature, allows you to anonymously view the stories of people on your list. The only catch is that you need to log into your Instagram account in the app. This way, it syncs all the people you follow on Insta, making it easy to view their history anonymously in the app.



Download Story Stalker on Android

2. MyStalk (web)

Since there are no apps that match Story Stalker on iOS, we’ll be using the My Stalk web app, which makes it easy to view any public Insta profile. Just open your mobile browser and go to Mystalk. You will see a search bar right at the top that you can use to enter the username of the Instagram account you want to check. If you accurately specify the username, the search results will be better, otherwise you will have to search for the account you are looking for in the search results.

You can use the website to view stories as well as messages. You also have the option to open individual posts by clicking on them, which works well if you want to see a long description or view multiple comments.

As we all know, the story expires after 24 hours, so downloading the story is the only option if you want to view it later. The site does not have a download button as such. But you can simply press and hold on any story or post and select Save As, as we do for any image on the web.


The website is easy to use and you don’t need an account to view the stories. However, I found three things that worried me and may disturb you. First, the site is filled with ads. Therefore, if you use a phone, you need to use browsers with built-in ad blocking features, such as the Brave browser. Secondly, you cannot click on a user’s followers or followers, which is not the case on Instagram. But, again, you can easily open their account and view it with the Insta app without telling them about it.

While the previous two can be ignored, the third option, which is the “Track” option on the website, didn’t work for me. Basically, it gives the user the ability to add profiles to the harassment list, so you don’t have to manually search for users every time. Although I signed up and added a few profiles, the user still didn’t find it. Despite all this, I still recommend it because it does what it says and that’s what we need!



Visit MyStalk

Concluding remarks

So, there have been a couple of tried and tested ways if you don’t want to embarrass yourself by watching someone else’s story that you shouldn’t be watching. Another way to get a glimpse of someone’s story is to open Instagram to download all stories and switch to airplane mode. Of course, you need to close the application and open it again, however it doesn’t work all the time, but you can still try.

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