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How to Add Birthday Reminders on Google Assistant

How to Add Birthday Reminders on Google Assistant.

Like most of you, I use Facebook for birthday reminders, but there is one small problem: they notify you on your birthday. This is fine in most cases, but if you want to plan something or even wish for it at midnight, then your best bet is to use Google Assistant. It reminds you 2-3 days before so you can plan something and also reminds you on your birthday again.

The best part is that you can check the rest of the Google Assistant’s snapshots page, where you can also check your events, weather, invoice reminders, delivery schedules, shopping list, promotions, other reminders, and more.

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How to add birthday reminders on Google Assistant

To add birthday reminders to Google Assistant, open Google Assistant settings. You can do this by opening the Google app More and then Settings.

Now select the “Google Assistant” option to enter the Google Assistant settings. Here, in the “You” section, scroll down and select the “Your People” option.

Now, on the Your People page, you can find people in your family group if you have previously joined a family group. Either way, click the Add People button at the top to start adding people to the Your People section. Your contacts application will open, you can find and select the contact you want.

Once selected here, you can specify the relationship with them, their home address, their nickname, etc. Along with their birthday. If you saved their birthdays in the Contacts app, they’ll be automatically imported.

If you want this contact to be added to your family group, you can turn on the Family Group radio button for their contact and confirm their email address. Thus, you will have many advantages in the suite of Google apps such as YouTube, Family Link, Play Store, Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Calendar, etc. By turning on the Home Contact switch, you have more control over the combined devices.

Now click “Add”, and that’s it, this contact will be added to your people, and you will receive a notification a few days before that, as well as on your birthday.


Adding every contact to your People section is not a foolproof option, and you also can’t do it using voice control, or even import all contacts to My People at once. So you can only use it for the most important people and depend on the Google and Facebook calendar to stay the same as before.

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