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How To Add a Watermark To PDF & Pages Documents On Mac

How To Add a Watermark To PDF & Pages Documents On Mac.

Adding a watermark to PDFs and Pages documents ensures that anyone who can access your files knows where they come from. Today’s file sharing activities make it easy to get the rights to lost files if they don’t have a watermark to claim them as your own.

If you are using a Mac computer and the file you want to add the watermark to is a PDF or Pages document, adding a watermark to the file is quite simple. What’s more, you don’t even need to install a third-party app to complete this task.

The built-in options in macOS are good enough to help you watermark PDF and Pages files.

Add a watermark to a PDF using Automator on Mac

If you want to add a watermark to a PDF, you can do so with a click of a button after creating an Automator service for it. Automator helps you automate many tasks on your computer, and adding watermarks to PDFs is one of them.

What you basically need to do is create a service in Automator that will add the watermark of your choice to your PDF file. Once created, you can simply right-click any of your PDFs to watermark them.

It will add your preset watermark to your PDF and move the file to your Mac desktop. The image of the watermark in the file will be placed exactly as you indicated in the service above.

Add a watermark to a Pages document on Mac

If you haven’t exported a Pages document to PDF yet or plan to do so, you can still add a watermark to your Pages file. The app has a built-in function to help you accomplish this task. This does not require you to create any Automator service.

Your perfect watermark has been added to your Pages document. Remember that you do not need to do this for every page of your document, as the watermark will be copied and placed in the same place on all pages of your file.

If you ever need to edit the watermark, click the Arrange menu, select Section Masters and click Make Main Objects Selectable.

How To Add a Watermark To PDF & Pages Documents On Mac

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