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How To Add a Signature In Outlook

Electronic signatures are widespread, especially in the business environment. These signatures usually provide you with information about the sender of the email and often contain details such as their name, job title, email address, and some other information. You can also add your signature to your Outlook emails if you like.

While we already have a guide for adding signatures to your emails, the interfaces that allow you to do this have changed since then. This guide covers the most recent versions of Outlook for different platforms to add a signature to Outlook for your computer.

Add a signature in Outlook for Windows

If you’re a Windows user, chances are Outlook is your primary email client. It works great on this platform and allows you to manage multiple email accounts from one application.

Adding a signature to Outlook for Windows is pretty easy. You can also create separate signatures for each of your email accounts.

Add a signature in Outlook for Mac

You can also add a signature in Outlook for Mac, but the option to do so is in a different menu than in Windows. Other than that, it provides you with almost the same number of options and functions for adding and formatting your signature in your application.

Add signature in Outlook For Web

Unlike the desktop versions, Outlook for the web isn’t as cluttered with options here and there, and it’s fairly easy to find the option to add your signature to the app. All you basically need to do is launch the app online, click on an option, and you’re done.

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Use your own signature in Outlook

If you haven’t included the signature on all outgoing emails, you will have to manually add it to every new email. However, this is fairly straightforward to do as it is easily available in a new email window.

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