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How To Add A Business To Apple Maps

How To Add A Business To Apple Maps. Apple is committed to creating next-generation maps with faster loading, greater detail, and greater accuracy so users can navigate different locations.

How To Add A Business To Apple Maps

Adding your business to Apple Maps means more local customers are delivered directly to you, and you get a bigger market share than your competitors. In addition, using the Apple Maps Connect self-service portal, you can add the URL of your company website and social media pages to your business profile.

  1. To add your business to Apple Maps, visit the Apple Maps Connect page and click the Login button. You need an Apple ID to sign in, so if you don’t have one, you can click on the Create One link under the Sign In button. Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes.
  1. Then select your language and click Finish. At this point, you can also choose to receive information from Apple Maps, as it may contain key information and updates.

  1. Accept Apple’s terms of service for the Apple Maps app.

  1. Enter your company name and address (street, city or zip code), find your company name in the list and click on it. At this point, you can cross-check and confirm that your company was not previously listed to avoid double listing. This can confuse potential customers and ultimately cost your business dearly.

  1. Then click on your company to see the full profile and then click on the blue Claim This Place button to claim your company. If you do not see your company in the results, click Add Place to create a new company record.

  1. Enter correct information about your company and other important information. Make sure the information is accurate, current, factual, relevant, and keyword-rich. Include your business address, opening hours, and associated social media accounts.
  2. Place a marker on the map confirming your exact location on Apple Maps. Specify the exact location and building so customers can come straight to your store or office without having to run into any problems.

  1. Make sure this is your company. Apple will contact you at the work phone number you provided in the previous step with additional information about your claim. You can always confirm this later if you are not ready to do so immediately.

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Whether you’re selling a product or service, adding a business to Google Maps and Apple Maps can help you sell or lose potential traffic. We hope you were able to host your company on any platform by following the steps in this guide. Share your experience with us in the comments.

How To Add A Business To Google Maps

How To Add A Business To Google Maps.

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