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How to Access Your Android From Computer Using SSH [No ROOT]

How to Access Your Android From Computer Using SSH [No ROOT].

Imagine that you are on vacation, and then suddenly your boss calls you to fix a server problem. Well, this is usually not a big problem. Most of you will install an SSH client on your smartphone and log into the remote server.

What about the other?

Can you access your Android from a computer over SSH?

Let’s say your Android phone is in some other room, and you want to take some files from it, but you are too lazy to get up from your seat, then in this guide we will see how to do it. And there are many other interesting things you can do.

What else can you do about it?

You can fully control your Android over Wi-Fi using SSH and the command lines ls, reboot -f, mkdir, find, etc. Although, to take full advantage of this, you need to familiarize yourself with the terminal command.

If you transfer data from your computer to Android (or vice versa) using regular applications such as Airdroid, then every time you establish a connection, you will have to authenticate it. But with SSH, there is no need for authentication every time you want to connect, and there are no file size restrictions like Pushbullet.

What you will need

We will need an SSH client and SSH server running on computer and Android, respectively.

Follow the steps

Get SSH Server on Android

1. Go to Google Play store, install SSHelper app. After that, open the application and wait while it installs the required keys.

2. To log into SSH you need 4 things – IP address, port number, server username and password. So click on the settings icon in the SSHelper app and there you will find all these 4 values. Write it down. We’ll need this later.

The default username and password are admin and admin, it is advisable to change them. And once you’re done, scroll down and click on the Restart Server with New Values ​​option to save your changes.

Install SSH client on your computer

Make sure SSHelper app is running on your smartphone.

1. Download PuTTY.exe to your computer, this is the only executable file, just double click on it and PuTTY will start.

2. Enter the IP address of your Android and change the SSH port to 2222.

3. You will receive a warning message, since we are only setting it up for the first time, you can ignore this message by clicking on No.

4. A command prompt will open, enter the username admin and press Enter. Then enter the admin password (or your new password if you changed it). On Linux, you don’t see a moving cursor or asterisk when you enter your password, so just type in your password and hit Enter.

And it’s all. After successfully logging in, you will be able to access your Android from your computer via SSH. MacOS or Linux

You can read the SSH logs from your computer by typing IP_address_of_Android: 8080, however this is read-only, you cannot execute a command or do anything, so for that we need to install SSHclient on the computer. …

Unlike Windows, MacOS and Linux have a built-in ssh client in the terminal. Just open a terminal and enter the username ssh @ ip_address and then enter your password.

How to access Android GUI from PC

If you want to transfer files between your computer and Android via SSH, you need to install a GUI client like WinSCP.

1. Download the WinSCP installer to install it on your computer.

2. Open WinSCP and enter 4 values ​​- Android IP address, port number, username and password. Then click “Connect”.

3. Ignore the security warning at the moment, as we are just setting it up for the first time. You can reconfigure it next time.

4. That’s it, on WinSCP you will see 2 halves. On the left is your computer’s files, and on the right is the Android file system. To navigate the files, you just need to drag and drop them into the appropriate folder.

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