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How to Access Shared Windows Folders on iPhone 2023

How to Access Shared Windows Folders on iPhone 2023.

The Files app on iOS13 is even more powerful than ever, you can compress files, share folders using iCloud, scan documents, and of course, access Samba servers. This is useful not only when you need to connect to a NAS, but also when you only want to transfer files between Windows and iPhone / iPad. In this article, I will show you an easy way to transfer files from Windows to iPhone using the Samba server. All you need is your Windows computer and iPhone on the same Wi-Fi network and turn on Windows file sharing. Let’s start. Start advertising

Note. I’ll use a Windows 10 computer to demonstrate the steps, but you can also follow them on Windows 7, 8, 8.1.

How to access the Windows shared folder on iPhone

1. Turn on Network Sharing in Windows

The first step is to enable file sharing on your Windows computer, you can proceed to the next step if it is already enabled.

To do this, go to “Settings” and open the “Network and Sharing Center”.

A new window will open, look at the left pane and click on “Advanced Sharing Settings” to open the Sharing Settings.

On this page, you will see three different network profiles; Private, public and all networks. Turn on network discovery and file sharing for all three profiles. If you are worried about your privacy, you can do so on your current profile and it should still work. Click “Save Changes”.

2. Share a folder on Windows

To share a folder, open your computer and navigate to the directory you want to share. For the sake of demonstration, I’ll share a folder from drive C, but you can share any other folder of your choice.

Right-click the folder and select Properties.

Click the Sharing tab and click the Share button in the Sharing network files and folders section.

Here you can add people who have access to the shared folder. Enter “All”, click “Add”, and then click “Share”. Your folder is now available.

3. Find the hostname of your Windows computer

Before we can access the shared folder on the iPhone, we need to find out the IP address of your Windows computer.

On a typical home network, your devices are assigned a dynamic IP address, which means that every time you restart your computer, it gets a different IP address, which can make sharing difficult. Fortunately, you can fix this by using the workgroup name instead of the IP address, which remains the same regardless of the IP address.

To find your Windows workgroup, open a command prompt on your Windows computer, type “hostname” and hit enter.

Make a note of the hostname of your computer, we will need it to access the shared folder in the Files application.

4. Access the shared folder on iPhone

Make sure your iPhone and Windows computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Open the Files app and click the three-dot button in the upper right corner. Select “Connect to Server” and continue.

You will be prompted for the server address, enter “smb: //YOUR-HOSTNAME.local”. Replace “YOUR-HOSTNAME” with the hostname of your computer and click “Connect”. Enter your username and password, the credentials you use to unlock your Windows computer will be the username and password for this step. Click Next.

It will take a few seconds, and then a new page with a shared folder will open. You can access all files in the shared folder and copy them to your iPhone.

That’s all you need to do to access the shared folder on your iPhone. It works with any type of Samba Server, which means you can even access your NAS from your iPhone. However this method is not reliable, I tried to copy large files from computer to local storage on iPhone, but the application crashed several times. It works easily with small files like images and text files. Hopefully this will be fixed in a later update. What do you think? Is this method right for you? Let me know in the comments below.

How to Access Shared Windows Folders on iPhone 2021

How to Access Shared Windows Folders on iPhone 2021.

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