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How The Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Character Has Changed Through The Years

The Cloud Strife character in Final Fantasy is a brooding ex-SOLDIER with spiky hair and one of the most iconic characters in the series. He has appeared in more games, both in the Final Fantasy universe and beyond, than any other character in the franchise besides Gilgamesh. His calm demeanor, crazy fighting style and incredible backstory combine to create an undeniable appeal.

However, Cloud Strife is attracted not only by his trademark nervousness. Square Enix has improved the character over the years, highlighting the various elements that make fans love Cloud into a perfect example of a Final Fantasy hero – and the best part is that you can easily see how the Final Fantasy Cloud Strife character has changed over the years.

Cloud First Impressions: Final Fantasy VII, 1997

The Cloud Strife character first appeared on stage as a playable character in the PSOne version of Final Fantasy VII. The short, chunky sprite left most of the character to the imagination, although the character drawing included in the manual and on the box gave fans a better idea of ??what Cloud actually looked like.

In the original game, Cloud is most often depicted holding Buster’s sword, the five-foot weapon of the monster for which he is best known. He has spiky hair and wears a Class 1 st SOLDIER uniform: brown combat boots, belt, purple and blue pants, and a shirt. His other signature accessory is a single shoulder pad on his left shoulder, a variation on his regular uniform.

To be more specific, Cloud Strife is 5’8, blue-eyed and right-handed. Cloud’s birthday is August 11, 1986, according to a recent Final Fantasy VII remake.

Note: This is the first time Cloud Strife appeared in Final Fantasy V as a sprite on the loading screen!

Final Fantasy Tactics

Cloud Strife appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics as an optional character that the player could hire. However, searches for him were not always straightforward, so many players learned about its inclusion in the title later.

As an optional character, Cloud Strife didn’t have any significant plot points. Its design is slightly different from Final Fantasy VII, but only in small details; for example, he wears a black turtleneck instead of the standard SOLDIER uniform.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is arguably the greatest video game movie of all time, featuring a slightly older Cloud Strife after the events of Final Fantasy VII. He changed his view in several ways. The SOLDIER’s uniform disappeared, replaced by a black shirt and pants with a semi-trailer covering his left side.

Instead of Buster’s sword, Cloud Strife uses a set of fusion swords, six separate blades that form a larger sword, similar in size to Buster’s Sword. His hair has lost a bit of the spiky look too. His personality remained the same, although he became a little more wistful due to the events surrounding the story.

Kingdom Hearts

Cloud Strife is undergoing another major appearance change in Kingdom Hearts. His Kingdom Hearts outfits are more reminiscent of Vincent’s from Final Fantasy VII than the one he has worn up to this point.

Cloud wears what appears to be the standard SOLDIER 1 st class uniform, complete with his left shoulder pad. He also added a red cloak that hangs around his neck and stretches behind him, as well as one black wing that protrudes from his left shoulder.

Considering Kingdom Hearts is not canon, Cloud’s personality and goals are slightly different in this series. However, he still seeks to defeat Sephiroth. The black wing is a reflection of this goal and serves as a hint of his connection to the character.

Cloud Strife is a completely different character in Kingdom Hearts than in the Final Fantasy series, with only a name and appearance. Anyone who has played the Kingdom Hearts series knows that explaining the story will require writing a dissertation, but of course the events of the series do not reflect the events of the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy VII Edition

The recently released Final Fantasy VII remake was an unconditional success for Square Enix. This allowed fans to relive the experience of the game again, although numerous changes were made not only to the gameplay, but also to the plot. Cloud himself noticed a change, but not too radical.

His outfit and personality have remained largely the same as the game has to be close to the original. The protagonist acts as you’d expect, although Cloud’s past and his relationships with many other characters are explored much deeper.

However, the remake’s improved graphics allow you to see finer details of his appearance than ever before. For example, his left shoulder pauldrons always featured bolts protruding, but in Final Fantasy VII Remake, their purpose makes more sense: to catch the blade and hold it there.

Cloud Strife’s dry kick and sense of humor are also much better in the new game. The way he only interacts with Barrett is reason enough to get through it. If you’ve never experienced Final Fantasy VII for yourself, it is definitely worth playing the original and then buying the remake to give it a try.

Other appearances

Cloud Strife has appeared in over a dozen games, although the three games and one movie listed above showcase its changes best. He has appeared in various Final Fantasy VII spin-offs, as well as other more famous games such as Super Smash Bros.

The iconic Cloud look has even appeared in games like Final Fantasy XIV as a subscriber reward. No statistics, but it looks cool.

Cloud Strife is one of the most famous characters in video game history for a reason. If you’re interested in Final Fantasy or simply well-written characters, check it out for yourself.

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