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How I Solved My Bluestacks Graphic Card Error (2 Ways)

How I Solved My Bluestacks Graphic Card Error (2 Ways).

So you are installing bluestacks, but all of a sudden you get this video card error even if your system meets all the system requirements. So now what?

Cause of graphics card error Bluestacks

There are two types of graphics cards:

  1. Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D that is used to run Windows programs.
  2. OpenGL, which is responsible for running Android applications on the PC.

Now, if you don’t update Windows regularly, then OpenGL was not updated as often as direct3D, so you have to do it manually.

So far, I have had no problem installing bluestacks. But today, when I was installing bluestacks on my Windows 8, I first encountered the video card bluestacks 25000 error .

I’ve installed bluestacks on the same system before, so I knew it was a temporary issue and could be resolved.

To be precise, bluestacks require at least 2-3 GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card. And my computer has 4 GB of RAM and 512 graphics cards, which is enough.

And after trying a few things, I was finally able to overcome the graphics card error.

So let’s see how to do this.

Solution 1: Install old bluestacks

The older version of bluestacks does not require a high performance system, so you can install bluestacks without any graphics card errors.

I was able to install WhatsApp and a few other lighter apps on an older version. But when I tried apps like Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds. I couldn’t find them in the Play Store.

So if you only want to run WhatsApp, this might be for you. But for those who want to use bluestacks for every application, please take a look at the following solution.

Where can I download the old bluestacks version?

Well, it is not on the official bluestacks sites, but you can find a copy of it from here (132MB). The file is still hosted on the bluestacks CDN, so don’t worry about malware.

Solution 2: Change your graphics card drivers

Another popular mistake:

It looks like your graphics drivers are out of date. Bluestacks requires updated drivers to work. Update now.

And when I checked the details of my graphics card, I found that it is not compatible with bluestacks. But how do I know? Well, I noticed that my graphics card driver is different from what I have used in the past.

The following screenshot shows two different video cards.

Reinstalling Windows changed my graphics card. And if I can somehow get the old card back (i.e. the compatible one), I can still install bluestacks.

Where can I find a suitable graphics card?

Well this is the tricky part. You usually need to google this by model number. But in most cases, you can find it on the following websites. To automatically update your graphics card, you need Java to enable the browser.

Update Graphics Driver for Intel Chipset

Update your graphics driver for AMD

Update graphics driver for NVIDIA

If you are still getting this error, do a complete uninstall of bluestacks using the Revo uninstaller and try again. And that should work. Leftover files can sometimes cause problems.

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