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Get a Clean Android Phone With 10 Apps That Work

Whether you want to clean your Android phone, get rid of malware, or try to improve the performance of your device, a phone cleaner app can help you.

These apps aren’t the kind of magic bullet that will fix all your performance problems, but they can certainly help free up space used by files and apps you didn’t know about and give you an overview of how your phone is performing. performance and why.

There are dozens of good apps for this, so it can be difficult to navigate the app store to find the best. We’ve made it easy by listing 10 Android phone cleaner apps that will really help you get a clean Android phone.

Avast Cleanup Strong>

The most downloaded Android cleaner is Avast Cleanup, developed by Avast Software. Avast Cleanup is one of the most popular apps for getting a clean Android phone. When opened, Avast Cleanup will quickly scan your device to see how much space you can free up.

Avast Cleanup guides you through all the steps, so if you really don’t know what you are doing, this might be a good alternative to other Android cleaning apps. Just click “get started” here after opening Avast Cleanup and follow each step.

You can then quickly uninstall everything Avast Cleanup has to offer, or check each category to manually select and deselect the options to uninstall.

After completing your first scan, you will have access to various options such as quick cleanup, memory expansion and tips. Increasing memory can hibernate apps to improve your overall performance, and tips can scan your device to give you performance and storage tips based on your own device.

Avast Antivirus offers a Premium Plus subscription for £ 10.49 per year, which also includes the Avast Security premium.

Norton Clean

Developed by the same team as Norton Antivirus, Norton Clean app helps you learn how to clean your Android phone.

Norton Clean gets down to business right away by scanning your phone’s files and listing any unneeded files. Then you can browse the files one by one and choose whether you want to keep them or not.

Norton Clean also gives you a list of all your apps so you can quickly see what’s installed and find apps you no longer need. It’s better than browsing through the default user interface because you can sort apps by installation date or last used.

All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox is an Android cleaner app that can help free up storage, clear Android cache and improve device performance.

The All-In-One Toolbox main screen will show the RAM and CPU usage. You can click on each option to learn how to reduce your CPU and RAM usage by stopping applications. Please note that you should not reduce the amount of RAM, because Android has an intelligent RAM management system. This means that the more RAM you have, the faster it will switch between applications, so it’s best not to mess with it.

You can also quickly view system files and cache to free up space on your device. It only takes a few seconds to scan. The Battery Saver feature can also help you reduce battery drain by closing apps that are consuming battery in the background.

AVG Cleaner

Created by the same team as AVG antivirus. AVG Cleaner is actually very similar to Avast Cleanup. We won’t be surprised if AVG develops an application with them.

Once installed, you will go through an initial cleanup and then thereafter, you will have access to a quick cleanup, memory expansion, and tips.

You may prefer AVG Cleaner over Avast Cleanup if you already have a premium subscription to AVG antivirus.


CCleaner is another clone of the Avast Cleanup app. Once installed, you get the first initial system scan, and then you have access to memory expansion features and prompts.

The only reason you might want to think about it is because you want premium features at a lower price point. It only costs £ 1.49 per month or £ 5.99 per year. Of course, you won’t get an antivirus, but it’s still cheaper than Avast and AVG.

Droid Optimizer Strong>

Another popular Android cleaner app is Droid Optimizer. You will find a number of available ways to free up storage space and improve the performance of your Android phone.

First off, Droid Optimizer has a one-touch acceleration feature. With it, you can quickly free up storage, stop apps consuming resources in the background, and clear your cache.

You can also use the cleanup feature to remove system cache, file downloads, and other unwanted files taking up space on your device. The Application Manager lets you check all of your apps and determine which ones to uninstall to improve performance and free up more space.

Droid Optimizer even has a privacy detector that you can use to check what permissions each app has and stop those that might have unwanted access to your phone.

Fancy Poster

Fancy Booster is another phone cleaner app designed to clean your android phone. You can use it to clean up junk files and apps, remove cache, and improve phone performance.

Once installed, you will be presented with a page showing how much RAM and storage your device is currently using. From there, you can use various tools to improve the performance of your device.

Phone Boost, for example, will look at which apps are using the most resources and offer the option to remove their storage space. With a CPU cooler, you can quickly stop applications running in the background.

What we love about Fancy Booster is that it has more functionality than most other Android cleaner apps. For example, you can even use it to quickly control which of your apps receive notifications.

Phone Speed Booster

With Phone Speed ??Booster installed, you can quickly delete junk files by scanning all apps on your phone. The amount of storage you can save can be significant.

With the power saving feature, you can put apps to sleep so that they do not drain your battery while running in the background. You can also use the CPU cooling feature to see if your phone is overheating, and if so, you can close applications to reduce the load on the processor.

Virus Cleaner – Free Antivirus & Phone Cleaner

Virus Cleaner is a great app if you want to free up storage space by deleting junk files, managing notifications, saving battery power, and stopping Android malware.

Most of the Virus Cleaner features are the same as in other applications. You can run a scan to see files taking up space and then delete them, or run a scan to see if any apps are causing your phone to overheat and then force them to stop.

With the Virus Cleaner antivirus scanner feature, your apps will be scanned and any potential threats will be detected. If any threats are found, you will be alerted and can remove them to protect your phone.

One Booster

We love One Booster because it gets straight to the point without asking too many permissions. The moment you launch the application, a quick scan will occur, and then you will be told how much space you can save by deleting unnecessary files.

After that, you will be given access to four functions: phone boost, battery saver, security and processor cooling.

When you use CPU cooler or power saving mode, One Booster automatically puts apps to sleep to reduce the load on the battery and CPU. Thanks to the security feature, your applications will be scanned to identify any potential threats.

Finally, speeding up your phone will go through apps again and hibernate those that might be causing your performance issues this very second.

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