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Gepco Electricity tariff increased by 53 paisa per unit

ISLAMABAD – On Tuesday,Gepco Electricity tariff, the government raised the electricity tariff by 53 baisa per unit for all distribution companies of Wapda (Energy and Water Development Authority) to generate about 53 billion rupees of additional revenue over one year.
Gepco Electricity tariff
According to a notice from the Energy Department, the increased electricity rates are valid from October 1 and will remain in effect until September 30 next year. The tariff increase will not apply to consumers using less than 300 units per month and to K-Electric consumers.

Gepco Electricity tariff

The notification indicated that an increase of 33 baisas per unit is required due to the two quarterly adjustments of the distribution companies and about 20 baisas per unit at the expense of the distribution margin, representing a total increase of 53 baisas per unit. She said that the increase in tariffs has been determined by the National Electricity Regulatory Commission.
The new rates will remain in effect until September 30 next year; the government generates about Rs53bn additional revenue
In its interim decision last week, the regulator said it had taken “pragmatic considerations” in allowing quarterly adjustments and changes in distribution margins on a temporary basis and multiple requests from the Ministry of Energy, the Central Agency for Energy Procurement and Distribution Companies would decide on 93 Baisas per unit increase in time.
Gepco bill calculator
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The regulatory authority has set a flat rate of Rs. 0.3324 per kilowatt hour for the allowable amount of seasonal adjustment of Rs. 33.75 billion in each consumer category in XWDISCO, which will be recovered in a 12-month period, based on projected sales for FY2017-18, after excluding Life line consumers.
The regulator noted that taking into account the submissions from the Ministry of Energy, distribution companies under the one-year tariff system would require some time to submit their tariff requests in line with the amended law. However, “Recognizing the financial constraints of the energy sector (Nepra) has decided to allow an increase of Rs. 14 billion, in the already notified tariff, strictly on a temporary / temporary basis subject to amendment once the tariff is set on XWDISCOs under the one year tariff system has been completed One. ”
The regulatory authority also confirmed that three discs had submitted the annual adjustment for the fiscal year 2019-20 which was “not substantiated by the documentary evidence required, for example details of write-offs, audited financial statements, etc.”. Taking into account the financial constraints of the energy sector and the introduction of the Ministry of Energy, the regulator decided to allow an increase of Rs. 5.772 billion in the tariff that was already notified to these distribution companies, on a temporary / temporary basis only, subject to modification based on the required information, which is not available at this stage Timeline. ”
The regulator also acknowledged that it was abandoning its provisions to allow this tariff increase. She said that the organizer “in its consolidated definition decision on December 19, 2018 had conclusively confirmed that although the petition submitted by the federal government did not meet legal requirements” but given “practical considerations, it would be unfair and illogical for the authority to reject the proposal”. Standardized identification based on non-comprehensive compliance with procedural elements thereof.
Pemra also recorded that its guidance under previous tariff adjustments was not complied with by the government or energy companies.
However, given that the immediate issue was merely a temporary / provisional sum allowed in the standard tariff already approved by the authority, and therefore, without prejudice to the observations and directions mentioned, the amounts were determined in a uniform manner. The immediate decision must not in any way modify, change, cancel, or waive the notes and directives of the regulatory body issued in December of last year.
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