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Garmin connect app for windows 10

Garmin Connect app for windows 10.

If you have a Garmin fitness tracker or any other Garmin smart device, you will have access to an impressive health tracking app called Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect is similar to other popular health tracking apps and even offers a few features that other apps don’t. Let’s learn all about the Garmin Connect app and what you can do with it if you have a compatible Garmin health tracking device, such as any Garmin Instinct smartwatch.

Note. If you’re buying a Garmin smart device, know that you’re not limited to using the Garmin Connect app. Garmin devices are compatible with many other fitness apps on the market. We hope this article helps you decide whether to use the Garmin Connect fitness app on your device.

The Garmin Connect Home Page

The first time you launch the Garmin Connect app, the My Day page is displayed by default. Here you will see each of your health stats listed in order. Depending on the activities you want to track with Garmin, you can scroll through a lot of information.

You will see information and statistics such as:

Cardio stats such as average heart rate, maximum heart rate and calories burnedRest day and high heart rateDay’s step counter< /li> Calories you have burned and consumed (if you are recording calories).A history of statistics for the previous day and the previous week

You can touch any of the statistics fields on this page to see more detailed information.

For example, if you select the Cardio page, you’ll see calories burned per day, total activity time, and average heart rate. On the graphs page, you can see daily data on heart rate, climb, and more.

In addition, the heart rate and steps pages show how health stats have changed based on specific activities throughout the day.

If you only want to view a log of all your activities, open the menu on the main page and select the type of activity you want to view the log for.

Or you can select “All Activities” to view a log of everything, including the date and time of the activity and the number of calories burned.

At the bottom of the main page, you will see several menu options.

Challenges: Join competitions to earn new badgesCalendar: View a visual representation of all your workouts on a calendarNews Feed: View a log of all your past fitness activities.Notifications: Get app notifications.

These quick links are a handy way to access the same information you can find by browsing the menu.

Garmin Connect Health Stats

In the main menu, you will see another section called Health Statistics. This section contains all the basic statistics that your device tracks.

You can select each of them to get more details about your tracking data. Select Sleep to view sleep patterns, including deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, wake time, and pulse oximeter data.

Select Calories to see a history of your calorie intake, broken down by calories you burned at rest and calories you burned while exercising.

The Garmin Instinct smartwatch calculates and tracks two unique health characteristics: stress and body battery. We will look at each of them in more detail in the next section.

Stress and body battery health statistics

There is a lot of data that Garmin uses to calculate these statistics for app graphs and history.

Stress Level: If your Garmin smart device supports the stress feature, it will measure your heart rate variability throughout the day. Because your nervous system regulates the time between each heartbeat, a very steady and predictable heartbeat means you experience less stress. More volatility means more stress. Body Battery: Like stress statistics, body battery is also calculated using heart rate variability, but it also includes stress and your activity levels to calculate your body’s energy stores at any point during the day. It is estimated from 1 to 100%. This calculation is amazingly accurate.

These two unique characteristics will help you manage your daily stress levels and ensure you get enough rest to do what you want to do every day.

Garmin Connect Training Features

Under the “Workouts” menu section, you’ll find various features to help you take your workouts and workouts to the next level.

Click “Workouts” to find different workouts in the library. You can filter by muscle groups, activity type, goals, and more. Tap an exercise to view a series of exercises, and tap each exercise to see workout steps.

Just click “Next” to complete the workout. You can also create your own workouts.

Click “Training Plans” in the “Workouts” menu to view training plans that focus on running or cycling.

Each plan will help you train towards a specific goal, such as running 5 km or cycling 100 miles.

You can save the routes you run or ride for workouts you already do frequently. To do this, select “Courses” from the “Training” menu. In the course type, simply select the workout you are doing, such as road cycling or trail running.

On the next page, you will have the option to create an automatic course using your GPS location, or a custom one where you can draw your course on the map.

Saving your courses to the Garmin Connect app allows you to display your course for tracking on your Garmin device anytime you are on our course and training.

Tap PacePro Pacing Strategies in the Workout menu to use the pacing feature. This feature helps you maintain a healthy pace while racing (running or cycling) by displaying your pace against your target pace on your Garmin device.

Customize your pace by choosing a track or race distance, selecting a race type, and then setting a target time for the entire race in the Target Time box. You will see the estimated pace in the Target pace field.

Garmin Connect also has an Insights feature (on the main menu) that uses your stats and history to personalize tips and tricks to improve your health and fitness.

Once you turn on the Insights feature, you just need to give the app time to analyze your current stats and history. You will then start seeing new tips and tricks on the stats page.

Other Garmin Connect Features

In the main menu, you will also see several other options to choose from.

Connections: You’ll have the option to see if your friends on Facebook, Google, or your phone’s contacts are currently using Garmin Connect. You can invite them to join you in your party if they have one.

Groups: You can search for public groups of people interested in collaborating with others in learning activities.

It’s a fun way to add a social dimension to your workouts. You can see where your performance is in line with other people in the group. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to see how other people are doing and maybe even try to compete with them!

Security & Tracking: Select this to access the LiveTrack feature. This is a great way to let family or friends know your exact location while exercising.

To set up LiveTrack, you just need to give the app permission to use your location, then select your contacts to share your live workout location.

Connecting Devices and Apps

You are not limited to just one Garmin device when using the Garmin Connect app. can You select Garmin Devices from the main menu to add any Garmin devices you own.

You can also receive health and activity tracking data from any compatible fitness apps installed on your phone. This can be done by selecting “Settings” from the main menu and selecting “Connected Apps”.

If you have apps installed on your phone, you’ll see them under “Available apps”. Select an app and click Agree to connect it to Garmin Connect.

In the Settings menu, you can customize how Garmin Connect provides notifications from your Garmin device. For example, you can enable push notifications via SMS, email, or in-app.

Remember that at any time you can tap the image of your Garmin device at the top of the home screen to view device status information.

This includes the status of sensors specific to your device and the ability to customize settings for your Garmin device such as vibration alerts, notifications, and Do Not Disturb.

Should You Use the Garmin Connect App for Instinct Devices?

The Garmin Connect app is handy for Garmin Instinct smart sports watches. It allows you to view data and adjust watch settings. However, it may not be useful as a standalone fitness app if you don’t have a Garmin device.

However, you don’t have to give up your favorite fitness apps if you use Garmin Connect as it integrates with most other popular fitness apps.

Garmin Connect app for windows 10

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