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Find out Where Visitors are Clicking on Your Website

Find out Where Visitors are Clicking on Your Website.

Want to know where visitors are coming to your site? And what part of the website do they click on the most?

While Google Analytics can tell you a lot about your audience, it can’t show you exactly where visitors are clicking on your site.

Yes, there are other services (like Crazy Egg by Neil Patel) that provide detailed information about user behavior; for example, where they click, scroll and click on your site; but these services are quite expensive and are more suitable for a larger website.

And guess what, there’s an easy way to find out where visitors are clicking on your site, all you have to do is install a simple Chrome extension. Obviously not as powerful as the paid services, but it does provide some useful insights such as the user’s click pattern and your website’s heatmap.

There are several reasons why you would like to see where visitors go to your site. For example, you can see –

How it works?

Before we begin, you must be using the Chrome browser and Google Analytics on the website. Also, make sure you use the same Google Account in both Chrome and Analytics.

Then install the Google Analytics Chrome extension from the store.

Now go to your website and click on the Google Analytics icon to enable it. You will see the number of visitors.

Click the dropdown arrow again to expand the chart and choose between heatmaps and clicks. And it’s all. You will now see the percentage of clicks across all websites.

Final Words

The Google Analytic Chrome Extension is a free tool designed to quickly view your website visitors in real time. But it does have a hidden feature that shows you where visitors are clicking on your site. Although the information is not as detailed as in the paid tools; but it’s still very useful. Every webmaster should review these statistics from time to time.

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