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Find Out If The Email You Sent Was Opened Or Not

Find Out If The Email You Sent Was Opened Or Not.

Did you know you can find out if the recipient has opened your email? Not only that, you can also find out when they opened your mail and on what devices. Sounds cool? Here’s how to do it.

In some email services, such as Outlook and Exchange, you can request a read receipt; those. every time the recipient opens your email; you will receive a confirmation reply. Unfortunately, there is no such option in Gmail.

But the good news is that you can use third-party apps to find out if the email you sent was opened or not. And out of many such services, I recommend MailTrack.

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MailTrack is a Chrome extension for tracking emails. But what sets it apart from the rest is that not only is it free and easy to use, it also shows you how many times and on which device an email has been opened.

The only feature missing from MailTrack is location (that is, where the email was opened). Though, if you want to use the Hubspot email tracker. All other functions are the same except for this one.

Video: Find out if an email you sent is open

So how does email tracking work?

These programs send a tiny image (almost invisible) inside your email, and when the recipient opens the email, this small image logs the hit on their server and reports metadata like time, location, device ID, etc.


To start tracking email, all you have to do is install the MailTrack Chrome extension, link it to your Google account from where you will be sending emails. And it’s all; MailTrack will start tracking every email you send.

To check if your emails have been read, open your email account and go to the Sent Items section. There, you will see a read receipt before the email.

If you don’t want to track a specific email, just disable MailTrack by checking the boxes at the bottom of the content area.

For more information on MailTrack, I suggest you watch the video at the top of this article.

How do I know if someone is tracking me?

If you want to check if an email you received contains a tracking image, here’s how to check it. Click the drop-down arrow next to the email body Show original press CMD + F or CTRL + F to bring up the search option and search for keywords such as png, track, etc. …

If there is a tracking image, it should appear in the source code of the email.

Is there a way to read the tracked email without informing the sender?

There are several ways to open a tracked email without letting the sender open it. For example: you can –

Email tracking is also not 100% accurate. Small changes in false positives. For example, some email client automatically downloads the image even before the recipient opens the message.

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Email Tracking is a useful tool for business, but not recommended for personal use for various reasons, for example: – It can lead to trust issues and giving a third party tool access to your email is not a good idea.

Also remember, if you plan on uninstalling any email tracking extension, don’t just uninstall it from your Chrome. Remember to revoke the app’s access to your Gmail account by going to your Google account settings.

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