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Enable Integration Features for an XP Mode Virtual Machine

Available in Windows 7 Professional, XP Mode allows you to integrate the resources of your physical computer with a virtual machine. Sharing components include disks, audio, printers, clipboard, and smart cards.

Learn how to enable and use the XP Mode VM Integration features.

Why enable XP mode integration?

Why enable XP Mode integration?

A virtual machine in XP mode uses the resources of your physical computer to run a fully licensed copy of Windows XP right from Windows 7 Professional.

Some of your computer’s RAM, processing power, and other components are used by the virtual machine to run XP.

Using XP Mode’s integration features, you can also share other resources such as disks, audio, and printers to enhance the functionality of XP running in a virtual machine.

Enabling and Using XP Mode Integration Features

Enable and use XP Mode integration features

Click Start> All Programs> Windows Virtual PC> Windows Virtual PC to open the Virtual Machine folder.

Right-click the virtual machine in Windows XP Mode and choose Settings from the menu.

In the Windows XP Mode – Windows Virtual PC Settings window, click on the setting labeled Integration Features.

Note that the right side of the window will change to show you the integration settings available for your XP Mode virtual machine.

On the right side of the window, you will see several options. Below is a description of each one and some tips on how to use them to make your XP Mode virtual machine more integrated with your physical computer.

Enable on Startup – This option allows you to specify whether the integration features are available every time you start XP Mode. If you do not want to manually integrate each feature when using XP Mode, leave this option checked.

Audio – XP Mode can use your PC’s audio to add audio to virtual machine sessions. Keep in mind that audio integration adds another component that can fail. If you really don’t need sound when using XP Mode, then leave this check box empty.

Clipboard – Clipboard integration with XP Mode means that text, images, or other elements can be cut, copied and pasted between your physical PC and a virtual machine running in XP mode.

This is one of the most useful integration features. Consider enabling it if you need to quickly and easily share documents between PC and XP Mode.

Printer – If you plan to print from XP Mode, check this option. Using printer integration, XP Mode will treat your printer as if it were connected directly to it and not to your physical computer. Most people believe that printer integration is essential to get the most out of XP Mode.

Smart Cards – If smart cards are connected to your computer and you want to use them in XP mode, you must check this box. If you do not have smart cards, do not check this box.

Disks – This option allows you to specify whether all disks or only the ones you have selected are integrated into XP Mode. At the very least, make sure you integrate the drive where Windows 7 Professional is installed (drive C for most people). This way, in XP mode you will have access to your account, desktop, My Documents folder, etc.

For drives that you know you will never use with XP Mode, don’t install them. This saves you the hassle of wading through disks that you will never use when opening and saving files to your PC in XP Mode. When done, click OK.

Windows 7 virtual machine technology integrates and shares the resources of your physical XP Mode PC.

This way you can access your PC’s disks, printers, smart cards, clipboard, and sound functions. Fortunately, the virtual machine allows you to choose which components you want to integrate so you can streamline and streamline XP Mode sessions.

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