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easy to create brochure or brochure in google docs

easy to create brochure or brochure in google docs.

You don’t need to hire an advertising agency to design multiple brochures for your latest campaign. Google Docs is free and affordable, with easy DIY methods to create a great brochure.

There may not be many brochure templates in Google Docs, but customizing a template to suit your needs is very easy. You can also create a tri-fold brochure yourself, or use a third-party template to make it even easier. Let’s start.

How to Make a Brochure On Google Docs

Open Google Docs in a web browser by going to docs.google.com. Of course, you must be logged into your Google account for this to work.

You already see some common templates at the top, but select the Template Gallery option to view them all at once.

There are many different types of templates in the gallery – scroll down until you see several brochure options.

Selecting a template opens a new document with formatting already set and dummy text filled in.

Now just replace the text with your content and add images with your brand logos.

This produces a pretty decent brochure with correct margins and a good layout. You can start printing them if you’re satisfied, or customize them further.

Customizing Your Brochure Template in Google Docs

You can easily edit the template to include any written or visual content, but what about the formatting of the page itself? It’s easy too.

Open any brochure template and select File > Page Setup. Here you can customize all aspects of brochure page formatting.


The default page orientation is portrait, which is ideal for simple brochures. However, to create a tri-fold booklet, you need a Landscape horizontal layout.


The existing margins leave plenty of room on all sides, but you can always customize them to suit your personal requirements. It’s generally not a good idea to completely remove margins unless your layout already leaves enough white space around the edges.

Page size

By clicking on the drop-down menu under “Page Size”, you will see a list of page sizes. Each entry has a name and dimensions in inches. Letter is usually the correct option, although you can choose any other size from the list.

Page color

Google Docs brochure templates have a white background, but that doesn’t mean you should stick with it. Promotional materials can benefit from a background color, and brochures are no exception.

How to Create a Tri-Fold Pamphlet in Google Docs

The Google Docs template gallery is great for multi-page business brochures, but you won’t find templates for the much more common triple-page brochures. Instead, you can create it yourself with a simple setup.

First, open Page Setup from the File menu.

Set the orientation to Landscape. You will need extra space to accommodate the triple layout.

You can also reduce the margins, especially on the left and right. With a brochure, our goal is to fit as much information as possible.

Click OK to apply the changes to the current document. Now go to Format > Columns and select the option with three columns on the right.

If you have any content on the page, it will be automatically sorted into three columns. You can adjust the margins between columns with the little blue arrows, making sure you have enough room to fold.

Depending on your inserted images and overall design, you can play around with the page and column margins until they match. Then simply print out your brochures and start folding.

You can use the same process to create a double booklet. Simply select the two-column option in the fifth step and adjust the margins accordingly.

Using Third-Party Templates

Google Docs templates can get pretty boring, and there aren’t even that many to choose from. If you don’t have any interesting design ideas, try starting with a third-party template.

There are many websites offering brochure templates for Google Docs. In this tutorial, we are going to try a brochure design from GooDocs


The site offers an incredible variety of brochure designs absolutely free, covering all kinds of business needs. Templates compatible with Google Docs will be marked with a blue icon and can be imported directly.

Browse through the GooDocs Brochure Templates to find the design you like.

Selecting a template opens its specific page with a clearer idea of ​​what the brochure looks like. Click the CHANGE TEMPLATE button on the right to use the template.

This template only comes in one size, but some may have multiple options. Confirm the desired size to continue.

After waiting a few seconds, you will be taken to Google Docs. If you are logged into your Google account in a web browser, you can now make a copy of in Google Docs for your own use.

The template will open in a new document with all the formatting. Just replace the content and you are ready to start printing.

What is the Best Way of Making a Brochure or Pamphlet in Google Docs?

Customizing a Google Docs brochure template with your own content and formatting is the easiest way to create a brochure. Whether you need a two-page brochure or a tri-page brochure, you can design them yourself.

However, it may be easier to import a third-party template that already has these features. You can copy a good triple template from a site like GooDocs and just edit its content.

This allows you to use any Google Docs add-ons you need and save the document to your own Google Drive. Keep an eye on the margins and start printing brochures when you’re satisfied.

easy to create brochure or brochure in google docs

easy to create brochure or brochure in google docs

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