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Do you uninstall / delete Facebook? 8 Occupation or coincidence

Do you uninstall / delete Facebook? 8 Occupation or coincidence.

It seems like #deleteFacebook has been popping up every now and then. Of course, the world’s largest social network with billions of users is bound to spark controversy. Today, however, Facebook’s image is intertwined with flaws, scandals and other problems.

When you hear Instagram, you think of images, YouTube always makes you think of videos, but when you hear Facebook, the first thing that comes to mind is probably privacy issues, ads, or scams.

No matter how bad the reputation is, Facebook remains the most popular social media giant, and you still have friends and family you like. If you’re unsure if it’s time to leave Facebook or if you should keep your profile, check out the top pros and cons we’ve put together to help you make your decision.

Reasons to #DeleteFacebook Once And For All

If you are not a Facebook fan, some of the reasons listed below may seem obvious to you. But if you’ve never thought about deleting Facebook before, they can be a revelation. This is why you should consider deleting your Facebook account permanently.

Ugly user interface

The user interface is an important part of your overall website experience. You want the app you are using to be aesthetic and user-friendly. Facebook fails in both cases. If you have never used or seen Facebook before and are only visiting the site for the first time today, chances are you will find it ugly and ineffective.

Everything from the menu bar to settings seems disorganized and disordered. For the most part, this is completely unnecessary, such as separate menu items for friends and friends lists or for games, game video and live video on the home page. Plus, your main Facebook feed is covered in targeted ads from your recent Google searches.

Facebook is slowing down your performance

With Facebook’s drive to achieve everything at once, the platform has lost its original goal of connecting people around the world and turned into a mess. It is a combination of social network, gaming platform, media player, advertising platform, job board and more.

While this can be considered a good thing, since Facebook has everything you might need in one place, it is actually very distracting and ineffective. You log into Facebook with one purpose and get lost among other intrusive components of the application.

Using Facebook makes you vulnerable to hackers

If a few Facebook privacy scandals and data leaks weren’t enough, it turns out that Facebook is also a popular tool for hackers and cybercriminals to steal information from user accounts.

There can be many different ways hackers try to take over your data, including sneaky Facebook-connected apps, quizzes, and fake malware advertisements. Make sure you take all preventive security measures and know how to recover your Facebook account in the event of a breach.

Facebook Scams

Facebook is also not very good at protecting its users from fraudulent attempts. Your Facebook account can be a great source of sensitive personal information that scammers will use to phish when trying to steal your account. Especially if your profile is open to everyone and you will ever accept friendship requests from strangers.

Another common type of Facebook scam is when a user forwards a link to you on Messenger. If you receive an unknown message from a stranger with little or no explanation and a link attached, chances are they are using it to spread viruses or hack your account.

Reasons to Stay on Facebook

Naturally, Facebook isn’t all that bad. It is still the largest online communication platform and offers many networking opportunities to its users. Before you decide if you should delete your Facebook account, here are a few reasons why you decide to stay on Facebook.

Facebook Jobs

Facebook can help you find a job in several ways. First, with such a wide reach of Facebook, simply sharing a post that you are open to new job opportunities can catch the attention of a potential employer and solve the problem.

Another way to find a job is to personally contact your Facebook friends. Especially for those who, as you know, work in the same business area as you. Networking is a great job search strategy and better place to do it than a place with over 2.7 billion people. Finally, you can use the Facebook Jobs tool to find and apply for jobs near you.

For good memories

Many users have had their Facebook accounts for many years. These are many happy memories and emotional moments that you have shared with your friends and family online. You might want to stay to preserve this digital story in case you ever want to come back and review it.

Instead of scrolling to a specific chunk of memory, you can use Facebook’s Memories tool to remember what happened many years ago on the same day, be it a photo you were tagged on or a post you shared.

Ability to search for people on the Internet

Since there is almost everything on Facebook, it has become an indispensable assistant when you need to find someone or confirm that they are a real person. This can be handy when you’re dating someone through an online dating app and want to make sure they’re not a scammer or a bot.

Your Digital Social Life

By deleting your Facebook account, you can see how much of your social life is actually tied to the platform. We do not realize how much Facebook helps us to stay connected with other people and keep abreast of the main events of their lives.

If you ever have to work from home, Facebook can be one of your primary sources of communication. People change phone numbers and email addresses often, but most likely they will have the same Facebook profile page. You can also use Facebook search for meetings and events in your area, both online and offline.

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

For many users, the decision to delete or keep their Facebook account comes down to a simpler one: deactivating an account still takes time and effort. If you do decide to get rid of your Facebook account, make sure you download and delete your data from Facebook first.

Have you ever thought about deleting your Facebook account? What is the main reason why you decided to stay or leave Facebook? Share your Facebook experience with us in the comments section below.

Do you uninstall / delete Facebook? 8 Occupation or coincidence

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